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Nicolas Jaar "Don't Break My Love" – Clown and Sunset
This year has been a major one for Brooklyn soundscapist Nicolas Jaar. If nothing else he's gained major fans over here at Dialogue Inc. We had nothing but good things to say about his Space is Only Noise LP for Circus Company and the kind words we have for his unique blend of IDM, slow burning house and brooding downtempo only continue on this latest EP. Clicking along with smooth Rhodes chords, skittish minimal beats and wordless vocal hums, "Don't Break My Love" is great because it works as a stand alone track, whereas many of the cuts from Space Is worked best in the context of the album listen. Just wait till the meat of the song kicks in at around the five minute mark. It takes a while to get there, but when it does, you'll be hard pressed to say you're not a fan.

DOWNLOAD: Nicolas Jaar "Don't Break My Love" b/w "Why Don't You Save Me" | 320 mp3s

NICOLAS JAAR / Don't break my love EP by Clown and Sunset

Brandt Brauer Frick "Pretend" Soul Clap remix – !K7
It's with minor reluctance that we post up this remix of German organic techno creators Brandt Brauer Frick. Not because we have a single bad thing to say about their classically-minded, orchestral dance compositions, but rather because we did an interview with them this past March and never got it posted to our site. Thankfully, you can read our conversation with drummer Daniel Brandt over at Time Out Chicago. Amazingly, this prodigious trio has already churned out a sophomore LP and enlisted our favorite sexy house duo from Boston, Soul Clap (pictured), to work their magic on it. The result is a deep, pulsing affair, perfect for early evenings and late nights. No surprise there.

DOWNLOAD: Brandt Brauer Frick "Pretend" Soul Clap remix | 320 mp3 (courtesy of XLR8R)

Escort "Makeover" – Escort Records
Even if you missed the hilarious mash-up of the intro to the Muppets and Escort's "All Through the Night," there's a good chance you've caught wind of the 17-piece Gotham City disco orchestra Escort. Their full-length has been a long time coming, so there was a twinge of disappointment when we heard "Cameleon Chameleon" a few weeks back. Basically, the four-plus years that have passed since the band debuted had left them sounding a bit cheesy and even more dated. Or so we thought. The group has thoroughly redeemed themselves with this poppy, '80s-tinged throwback that resounds with the same potency that make artists like Madonna or Rihanna so potent. "Makeover" sounds fresher than either of those two acts, but the comparison is a legit one. We think you'll agree.

DOWNLOAD: Escort "Makeover" | 256 mp3

Lindstrøm "De Javu" – Smalltown Supersound
Norwegian cosmonaut Lindstrøm has a habit of making songs that never end. His 2008 LP, Where You Go I Go Too, consisted of three songs, the shortest clocking in at more than 10 minutes, the longest at just under half an hour. Then he topped that with an epic interpretation of "Little Drummer Boy" that stretched on for near 45 minutes. While this teaser track from his impending album Six Cups of Rebel doesn't have the same stargazing aloofness of some of his other long-winded numbers, it still starts as if the needle were dropped in the middle of the record and ends as abruptly. This might sound critical—and sure, 45 minute space disco odysseys aren't for everyone—but we love Lindstrøm at two minutes a clip or at two hours, and this latest hints that he's funking things up and injecting some energy back into his output. "De Javu" sounds like Earth, Wind and Fire riffing with Weather Report in '70s Brazil. We don't know exactly what this means for the rest of the album.

DOWNLOAD:  Lindstrøm "De Javu" | 192 mp3

Lindstrom - De Javu by smalltownsupersound

Austra "Spellwork" Baron Von Luxxury's Space Cathedral remix – CD-R
Since we got our hands on Toronto trio Austra's Feel It Break we've been in love. A bit like a more electronic Florence and the Machine, Austra mixes '80s moodiness, potent indie-dance beats and swelling, emotional and yet danceable melodies into a soothing brew that'll get you drunk and moving like too much 18-year-old scotch. Our personal favorite is "Lose It," but we received this great sweeping electro-disco remix from quirky L.A. producer Baron Von Luxxury with the thumbs up for reposting, so here it goes.

SCUBA "M.A.R.S." Machinedrum remix – !K7
Last but not least, we thought we'd let you down easy with a frantic finale in the form of Machinedrum's remix of SCUBA's "M.A.R.S.," the tech-step producer's original contribution to his recent DJ-KiCKs mix. Somehow understated and manic at the same time, it pulses with synth stabs and a quietly chattering beat, building up over time to lift your ears up in a driving sonic crescendo. As one half of Hotflush act Sepalcure, Machinedrum has been making waves all over 2011 so we couldn't resist getting in on the conversation.


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