Shuffle | Trentemøller

Trentemøller "Neverglade" (Trentemøller remix) 
"Maybe it’s because of the shitty weather we have in Scandinavia and it’s raining all the time. I don’t know. But there’s a certain kind of Scandinavian blues sound that is a bit darker. It always goes in minor keys and has this kind of, not sad, but melancholic, beautiful thing to it. I think it is something that lies in our blood in a way." 

Speaking with Anders Trentemøller prior to this year's summer tour, that was what he had to say of his music (and his musical heritage). I couldn't have summed up the man's brooding techno rock better, so why try. You can read my full story here: Dialogue Inc | Trentemøller

If you're a Chicagoan and didn't get to see him perform with his live band the last time he was through town, you can catch him tomorrow night at Metro, alongside Xylo and Afrobeta. I highly suggest it.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

If you need a taster, download him remixing his track "Neverglade" below:


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