DJ Mix | Mister Joshua Live at Crimson Lounge

I love deejaying. It's partially how I make a living. Unfortunately, given the nature of my residencies, it's rare that I get to play exactly the style of music that I'd like. Often I come close, but this set is the first time in a while where I've captured my love of deep, indie, disco dance music and presented it just how I like it. Ok, so I'm a little rusty at it. Not all my transitions are pitch perfect, but the music is there in all it's glory. It's a great snapshot of where my dance music tastes lie currently and I want to share it will y'all.

This was recorded last Wednesday at Commonwealth, a weekly party organized by Chicago DJ Sadie Woods that goes down in the lovely Victorian-esque confines of the Crimson Lounge in the Hotel SAX. Happy listening.

—Joshua P. Ferguson


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