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Tycho "Hours" (original + Teen Daze remix) – Ghostly International
Golden State downbeat guru Tycho named his first album Sunrise Projector. That speaks volumes about his preferred musical hues. Now, he's priming for the November release of his latest, Dive, again hinting at the album's thematic elements. "Hours," in both its original and remixed form, is a shining piece of Balearic chill out. It is a tune bathing in the warmth of tropical waters. Teen Daze's remix splashes things around a bit more.

Downlaod: Tycho "Hours" | 320 mp3

Download: Tycho "Hours" (Teen Daze remix) | 320 mp3

When the Saints Go Machine "Kelly" (Shlohmo remix) – !K7
Another Cali producer with a potent knack for chill out and tie to Ghostly International, Shlohmo actually takes the synth-pop lovey doviness of "Kelly" to a darker place by casting a grey shade over the proceedings with echo-chamber vocal riffs, sharp keys and muted drums. The first time Kelly kissed a boy becomes a more introspective affair, but no less beautiful an experience.

Gigamesh "When You're Dancing" (RAC remix) + Katy B "Lights On" (Gigamesh remix)
This Minneapolis producer can lay claim to taking part in some of the baddest remix to grace Midwestern dance floors—and more thanks to the reach of the blogosphere. As one third of Discotech, Gigamesh helped churn out remixes for everyone from Lykke Li to Rod Stewart, seemingly each more potent than the last. Now doing it solo, he churns the highlight from Katy B's On A Mission into a floor filler that will make downtown and uptown alike swoon. 

Gigamesh also chimes in with an original of his own, this one remixed by RAC—a newly ubiquitous remix outfit that is doing its damnedest to follow in Discotech's footsteps, but with a lighter and more indie-friendly touch. I love the beat here and can't stand the vocals. You decide for yourself.

Katy B - Lights On (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH

Katy B "Katy On a Mission" - Rinse/Columbia
Speaking of the captivating Miss B, Katy B's full length debut hit digi-shelves this week. The young siren debuted a few months back, making her mark just behind Adele as the No. 2 album in the country. Not bad for the tastemaking dubstep imprint who's logo now shares packaging space with the mighty Columbia. Mixing indiginous dubstep, funky, house and jungle beats with the universal language of pop, Katy B represents bass music at it's most mass-appealing. Where elsewhere this might signal the death of a movement, Katy—with help from producers like Benga and Geeneus, which can't be overlooked—only has us smiling at success done right.

Download: Katy B "Katy On a Mission" | 320 mp3

The Juan MacLean "Everybody Get Close" - DFA
DFA cohort the Juan MacLean has been spending the last few months getting in touch with his housier side as Melba Peach. Its possible that this time in the studio spurred on the release of Everybody Get Close, a collection of outtakes, remixes, remasters and material previously only available from the concession stands of his live shows. The title track trades off the synth squelches twinkles, giving us a glimpse of what MacLean might sound like after too many hours in a room with George Clinton.



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