DJ Mix | Biome "FABRICLIVE Promo mix"

"Biomes are climatically or geographically defined as similar climatic conditions on the Earth." Ok, so Googling 'Biome' doesn't take you straight to the Manchester dubstep DJ that's the subject of this post. But this definition of the word from Wikipedia does help frame the man. Being climatically similar to Earth means that it's not of this Earth, and listening to to the young producer's recent promo mix for London club institution Fabric, you certainly get a sense of the otherworldly.

Dark, spacious and cold. These three words carry equal weight in describing both outer space and Biome's sound. His mix is flooded with original material, stuff that could only be inspired by too much time in an overcast Northern England. The beauty here is, never does the mix become overwrought with clichéd dubstep aggression. Like his forebears on Tempa or from the ever-growing RINSE family, he's tempered dubstep's dark side with a patient brooding. This is what sets the U.K. scene apart from its counterpart here in the States.

It's rainy and grey here in Chicago today. Waking up to this mix was a perfect compliment. It's brooding and with a touch of evil—those Decepticon Transformer crunch abounds—but the scales never tip to all out madness. Catch him here before he takes over Fabric this Friday.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Download: Biome FABRICLIVE Promo Mix | 192 mp3

Biome - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix Tracklist: 
1. Biome - Havana V.I.P 
2. Peverse - Helios 
3. Rowl - Void 
4. Ipman - M.O.B Mentality 
5. Kryptic Minds - Hyprid (Biome Remix) 
6. Icicle & Youngsta - Momentum 
7. Biome - Propaganda 
8. Ipman - Messenger 
9. Biome & Fallen 45 - DMT 
10. Biome - Persepolis 
11. Biome - The Raven 
12. Razor Rekta - Tugboat 
13. Indigo - Portal 
14. Core - Waisteland 
15. Biome - Tripwire 
16. Killawatt - Ether 
17. Versa - Shadow Movement 
18. Ipman - Raindance 
19. Biome - Autumn
20. Biome - Autumn (170 Re-fix)

Here's an interview the club did:

What was the music scene like in Manchester whilst growing up? How was it you got into deejaying and producing? Originally I'm from a place called Haslingden in Lancashire and to be honest as far as dubstep and drum & bass go there was no scene at all. You rarely found anyone who shared the same interest; which is why I eventually moved to Manchester along with Indigo, who was the only other friend I knew from Haslingden that was into the same music as me. Since moving there I've had a lot of support from various promoters, DJ's and producers. I've been into producing my own music since I was about 10 starting with the eJay program and 'music' for the Playstation. I used to enjoy listening to various DJs but always wanted to be producing the music I was mixing. 

You recently released ‘Space,’ a melancholy dubstep cut, on independent label, Black Box Recordings. Can we expect to hear any fresh, unreleased Biome material on the 30th? 
There will be a lot of fresh material and some forthcoming some dubs. I'm producing all the time so like to pull out the odd fresh surprise when I play out and see how they go down.  

Are you working on any forthcoming releases at the moment? 
 There are a few forthcoming and a few not yet 100% but I'm happy to wait for the labels to announce what will be coming next. My track 'Swirls' and the flip, that is so far untitled and produced by Versa and myself, are forthcoming on M.U.D as a limited 250 copy vinyl release. My tracks 'Propaganda' and 'D.M.T,' which are co-produced with Fallen 45 have just this week been sent for mastering, so I can tell you they're forthcoming, but don't want to mention the label until they are ready to announce their next release. 

I read you once produced drum & bass; do you have any plans to explore other genres in the future? 
I still make drum and bass from time to time along with bits of downtempo, ambient type stuff and techno influenced music, but my main focus at the moment is on the 140bpm material. Hopefully you will get to see some different genres from myself in the coming years. 

Lastly, can you tell us a little about the mix you’ve made for us? How did you go about piecing together your selection? 
I wanted the mix to represent my club sound but also be very listenable at the same time so I built it as I would a tune, with a beginning, middle and an end. I also wanted to show my deeper more musical side as well as the darker, more twisted bass music I create and represent this through my own productions and those from some of the producers whose music I'm really into at the moment.



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