The Allure | Virgil Abloh

The Allure | Virgil Abloh

It's amazing how time flies. Back in the late '90s and early '00s, Virgil and I were running around Madison, Wisconsin, broke ass college students getting degrees that have suited us ok—mine, marketing. Virgil's, architecture—though we're both doing things outside those areas of expertise, to some degree anyway. We used to DJ at the same bar just off the capital square, Cafe Montemartre (R.I.P.). One of his nights, Foggy Bottom, I even took over with a buddy during the summers when he'd leave town.

Fast forward to today.

I've known for a while now that through good fortune, will and impeccable taste, Virgil has been welcomed into Kanye's inner circle. I also knew he was a part owner of RSVP Gallery.  Mixing pop art, high fashion and a lot of hip-hop, it's one of the hippest boutiques in the Windy City. And one of the forces behind @Superfun, one of the better party promotion engines around. But, it wasn't until I stumbled upon an interview with him for Chicago Magazine today (courtesy of Hype Beast) that my man is rocking the title Creative and Art Director + Style Advisor for 'Ye. Damn. That's a mouthful, and an enviable one at that. Now, as one of West's closest confidantes, he consults on everything from his red carpet threads to his stage sets.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Here's a link to the article and a video, where Virg waxes poetic on style tips for fall.


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