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Topshop + Topman Chicago

This weekend, ultra hip British retailer Topshop opened its second flagship U.S. store in the Second City of Chicago. Its prime location at the Water Tower end of Michigan Avenue's Magnificent Mile drew and endless stream of eager shoppers looking for something to spice up wardrobes no doubt overloaded in H&M and Forever 21.

Dialogue Incorporated had the luxury of being on hand for the festivities, supplying a rock heavy soundtrack to massage shoppers' ears while they picked from Fred Perry-esque polos, patterned button-ups, loafers, tweed blazers and vintage-y winter sweaters. If it is your desire to emulate the style of MGMT, Vampire Weekend or Oasis—let's admit it, the music may be shit, but the Gallaghers have decent threads—Topman is the outfitter for you.

Sorry ladies, I didn't spend anytime scoping the fall fashions for women. But the Topshop brand presence out weighs Topman two floors to one, so between the lingerie and personal shopping services in the basement and the sprawling women's section on the main floor, you'd be hard pressed to walk out of there empty handed.

Musically, I took it as an opportunity to stretch out sans a dance beat—but that doesn't mean it wasn't upbeat and ripe for hip shaking. Arcade Fire and the Black Keys mingles with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Queens of the Stone Age, The Kills and Metric chimed in too. In short, it was a blast. And I thought it complemented the Topshop brand brilliantly—to use the stereotypical British parlance.

Here are five highlights—one for free download—of how I translated Topshop + Topman into sound. 

Happy listening.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Mystery Jets "Serotonin"

This band of Brits put out one of my fave records of 2010 and feature heavily in Topshop's every day soundtrack. I noticed they were sorely lacking on material from the group's latest LP, so I saw it fit to throw its title track into the mix.

Mystery Jets - Serotonin

Delphic "Counterpoint"

The manager wasted no time in pledging allegiance to hometown Mancunian heros like Depeche Mode so I thought I'd give Manchester my own salute with its latest musical offering, Delphic.

  Counterpoint by delphic

Foster the People "Houdini"

I couldn't let the Brit rockers have all the fun. Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" is the biggest rock song Stateside—no hyperbole here. It's #4 on the Billboard charts. But the album is full of highlights, this one being my personal favorite.

  Houdini by Foster The People

The Rapture " Sail Away"

It's the first song on their new record, and I often have trouble moving on to track two without playing "Sail Away" twice. This Brooklyn outfit revitalized the idea of rock and dance playing nice together and they did it more than a decade ago. Now, the Rapture is back and they sound better than almost anyone who came after them. "Sail Away" is a case in point.

  The Rapture - Sail Away by modularpeople

The Drums "Money" (Beat Connection remix) — for download

The latest British indie darlings, the Drums debut record received its fair share rotation time at the Dialogue offices. We haven't been as enamored with their sophomore effort, but we have pulled out this gem for our DJ sets. It doesn't hurt that the band has given it up for a free download either.

The Drums - Money (Beat Connection Remix) 

Topshop Chicago


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