Lollapalooza | Remix Throwdown Finals LIVE

 Lollapalloza Remix Throwdown Finals LIVE

Double Door | 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave | Chicago

Saturday | 07.30.11 | 9pm

Lollapalooza, the Chicago music festival to end all summer music festivals, is upon us once again. This year, amidst interviews with Girl Talk and Deadmau5 (!), Dialogue Inc is also stoked to announce our involvement in the Lolla remix Contest, an online event that saw just shy of 300 producers and DJs from around the globe submit original productions with the hope of being chosen to take up a coveted opening slot at the Festival, which goes down August 5–7. 

As a judge for this year's contest, I, along with my esteemed colleagues—fellow blogger Veronica Murtagh, electro darlings Moneypenny, talent agent extraordinaire and event coordinator Dani Deahl—whiddled that 300 down to 50 or so, each of whom tried their hands at remixing one of three other acts playing this year: Glitch Mob and Chicago talents Midnight Conspiracy and Lady D.

And then there were four. Stretching from coast to coast and featuring two hometown (Chicago baby!) producers, we have our finalists.

This weekend, Saturday at Double Door in fact, all four face off live with us judges crowning one act to grace Grant Park with his, her or their presence.

If you're local, stick around after the contest for live sets from last year's winner, the antipodean Craig Williams, hometown electro queens Moneypenny and Walter Meego, performing for the first time in Chicago in some time. It'll be a night for the books!

One last thing, AND THIS IS BIG!

RSVP for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Lollapalooza (which is sold out by the way):

And, without further ado, our talent.

2DeadBeatz: A pair of blog-adored electro happy beat heads whose junkyard-dog barking and aggressive remix is exactly that. And without being obnoxious. This is future rave music.


HopeOperating from the North suburbs, Hope is a mystery (or simply has an un-Googleable name). Regardless, his remix displays aspects of post-dubstep and... well, post-everything really: Bubbly, skanking, potent and still hard enough to jolt a U.S. dancefloor into action.


Mike Weez: Another Windy City hopeful, MIk Weez has a penchant for playful yet dramatic electro. If you somehow combined a buzzsaw, a slide whistle and a kazoo into an instrument, Weez would be a virtuoso at it. 


Narcisse: Heading East, we find Brooklyn duo Narcisse, one of the only acts out of the 50 some to pick a tempo below 120bpm (that's not 70). I'd like to personally thank them for this. Their remix manages to encapsulate a good bit of electro mayhem without having to go to 11. Plus those DFA drums make us melt.



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