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Tensnake | Live +

Hamburg's dance music revivalist releases box set

It just so happens that I was digging through, sorting and reorganizing my vinyl collection yesterday. It's something that I don't do too often anymore, having made the jump to digital deejaying. This move hasn't made me cherish these 12" slabs of plastic any less (although it has significantly slowed the pace with which it grows). Now that I no longer need to purchase every new "hot" track—you know those songs that everyone wants to hear for a total of two months, never to care if they hear it again?—I can focus my sight and disposable income on pieces that are truly worth owning. Like this one from Tensnake.

I've long been a fan of Tensnake, Hamburg, Germany's disco-boogie-proto-house revivalist. Tracks like  his 2010 anthem "Coma Cat" are a staple in my discoid excursions—although my personal favorite is  "In the End (I Want You to Cry)," mostly because every time I play it I see speaker cones on the verge  of blowing in my mind's eye. For his latest boogie house venutre, he has partnered with conceptual design firm Droog—well known for its collaborative spirit—and U.K. preservationists the Vinyl Factory to produce this limited edition box set for his single "Something About You." The double disc also includes "You Know I Know It" and a string of unreleased remixes by Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco, deep house maestro Lone and the serpent himself. It also includes a CD for all your digital needs. Each item is enveloped in sleeves featuring the kaleidoscopic vision of Droog.

The whole thing screams collector's item for anyone who cherishes vinyl as much for artwork as they do the sounds contained therein. Pick it up direct from Vinyl Factory for about $50, check the video for "Something About You" below and listen/download a deep and lovely live mix from Tensnake,  out in conjuction with Live +.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

 Vinyl Factory by Tensnake

Download Tensnake's mix from his website: www.tensnake.com


Justin Simonsen said...

Do you have a feedburner feed? I don't trust Mr. Jobs.

Thanks for all your work I really appreciate it being a recent underground hip-hop convert I find your mix tapes refreshing and upbeat.

dialogueinc said...

Hey Justin - I do have a feedburner feed, there's a form on the lower right hand column of the blog where you can sign up.


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