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Digitalism "2 Hearts" - V2/Downtown
It's been true since Digitalism's beginning, but the fact that the German duo is headlining this summer's HARD tour brings it back into focus. Of all the indie-electronic acts out there, Digitalism is the most finely tuned to bring dance music into the comfort zone of the rocker set. I spoke with HARD organizer Gary Richards last summer before his festival tour hit Chicago, and he emphasized that supporting electronic music that appealed to rock ears was a central tenet of his party. With the release of Digitalism's new record I Love You, Dude, it's only fitting that the pair would find themselves atop this year's line-up. 

For more evidence of Digitalism's indie-electro tendencies, look no further than "2 Hearts," the new single which you can watch (via the freshly dropped new video) and download:

Download: Digitalism "2 Hearts" (320 kbps)

Video (it's goofy, but watch it anyway):

CREEP "Days" (Azari and iii remix)
There are two buzz-genres floating around that I can't quite wrap my head around: chillwave and witch house. I totally dig the xx and get that the band is supremely mellow, hence chillwave. I've also listened to my fair share of oOoOO, having done an interview with him recently. He makes haunting chill out - so sure witch house, although the 'house' part makes no sense. Really this stuff is dark indie R and B or the second coming of trip-hop, a genre tag that also met with resistance when it was first coined. No matter, NYC duo CREEP could be described with any or all of these terms. Eerie, melancholy, slow burning and infectious, CREEP is a new favorite discovery and this Azari and iii remix positions "Days" (which actually features the xx's Romey Madly-Croft) for the dance floor. Download below, and watch the video for CREEP's newest single, "You" featuring pop twins Nina Sky.

If you're in Chicago, catch CREEP perform live tonight at Berlin's Stardust party. Click here to enter to win guest list passes to the show.



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