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Originally published in Time Out Chicago Magazine | 04.20.11 (dude)

It’s tough to match Rusko’s star power. The British expat is spending time in the studio with Britney and M.I.A., and his fan base just keeps growing—for evidence just look to any incoming freshman class from here to Santa Cruz. He continues his mainstream dubstep push with this double A-Side EP, for better and for worse. With soaring rave arpeggios, machine gun synths, video-game lasers blasts and booming breaks, “Everyday” boasts “the sun is shining everyday,” and it’s poised to be this summer’s anthem. In contrast, “Lick the Lizard” works an electro-funk rhythm and a tired buzz-saw bass low ned, and adds a context-less vocal snippet about “spanking the monkey” and “licking the lizard.” Beavis and Butt-head would love it; so will aggro brostep fans. They can keep it.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

The dubstep don has released videos of both tracks, of which "Everyday" is again the standout - of it, he had this to say,"I wanted to confound people's expectations of a sun-is-shining-everyday video. I think they're expecting a montage of me being an idiot in clubs. But we do still have the flashing lights, of course. It is a dance music video." 

Appearing on IFC News just today, read the whole interview: IFCNews | Rusko 

Filmed at California's Salton Sea, it presents a stark contrast to the euphoric anthem. Peep the video (and big up my friend Kathryn and her little one on the cameo):

And, if you're in a downloading mood, here's this Netsky remix for ya.


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