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The Spectrum of Color

Kid Color paints the town with his patented disco sounds.

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine | 03.30.11

Kyle “Kid Color” Woods is seriously into disco. He’s barely sat down for our interview about the one-year anniversary of his Dollar Disco party on Sunday 3, and he’s already telling me about The Disco Files 1973–1978, Vince Aletti’s definitive chronicle of the genre’s rise in the Big Apple. “It’s so exciting to see the growth of it, and it’s basically as it’s happening. It’s not like somebody looking back on it.” Woods, 22, is doing his homework to understand the nuances of that scene and how he can apply the best parts of it to what he does as a DJ today.

The bespectacled young gun can be heard around town on an almost nightly basis, but his main outlet is Dollar Disco, a weekly Sunday soiree at Smart Bar. Alongside fellow residents Michael Serafini, owner of Gramaphone Records, and Garrett “Adulture” Shrigley—as well as regular guests—Woods effectively spans three generations of dance music with his party, stretching from disco’s heyday to current riffs on the genre.

“I think going in to claim that you’re throwing a disco night, you need some history and knowledge of where it all came from,” Woods says. Where he’s still learning, Serafini, whose career as a Chicago DJ stretches more than 15 years, can fill in the gaps. But don’t expect all Saturday Night Fever all the time. “I for one see disco as a certain kind of feeling that matches up with certain elements that are taken from the older stuff.” For the Dollar Disco crew, house music, indie dance and other styles all get equal weight, so long as the right spirit is there.

Now for the good part: FREE MUSIC!

As part of this article, Kyle was good enough to pass of a recently—and finely—crafted DJ mix of his, part of his Palette Mix series. Behold, Volume 3:


And, as of today, we're also able to offer up Kyle's first edition of hand-snipped disco edits. The Edits Vol. 1, covers a killer spectrum of classics from Chic to Loose Change to a personal Dialogue Favorite, Punkin' Machine's "I Need You Tonight." Each one has been tweaked every so lovingly, and made all the more dance-floor-ready (he's even gone so far as to BPM and key them for you, that's how good this guy is).

Download all 11 tracks right here: Kid Color | The Edits Vol 1


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