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Shepard Fairey and Co. invade the 'hood

He's best known for his now historic—and iconic—Barack Obama campaign poster from 2008, but street art lovers and skaters have been familiar with the They Live-channeling Giant for years. That said, now that he's one the most talked about guy on the scene next to Banksy, it's all kinds of exciting when you spot his work on your bus route to the office.

He's in town as part of NEXT and Artropolis at the Merchandise Mart here, where he's got a large installation in the lobby (pictured below). He also put up a large mural as part of Navy Pier Art Walk 2011 (pictured above). But that hasn't stopped him from plastering the city with his own renegade works, many of which appeared on Grand Ave near Dialogue Inc headquarters.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Here are a load of shots for you to check out:

"Peace Goddess" at the Merchandise Mart, courtesy of

"The Giant" corner of Grand, Halsted and Milwaukee

Corner of Ashland and Grand

On Grand near Wood

Downtown Metra Station, advertising the Navy Pier Art Walk

Exclusive mural outside Code of Conduct Tattoo and Clothing | 14 E 11th St

And here's a video I found on Code of Conduct's site, of Fairey installing the mural last week:


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