The Allure | Fred Perry for Summer 2011

The Allure | Fred Perry Summer 2011 Lookbook

A glimpse into iconic British clothier Fred Perry  for summer.
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We're not generally ones to mirror content, but is a wicked source for new trends, styles and looks for every season and the site often has more than ten updates a day, ranging from watches to spectacles to lookbooks for the likes of Fred Perry, which happened to run across about an hour ago.

For men, Fred Perry sticks to what it does best: its polos and its sweaters. But it does throw some new patterns into the works, breaking up the way it's done plaids in the past. The girls stuff we haven't followed as closely, but from the looks of things, it's just a fresh faced approach to the modern retro that the iconic brand has been doing since day one.

—Joshua P. Ferguson



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