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Red Bull Music Academy 2011 | Madrid, Spain

New Location announced for this year's academy

Having to call a bit of an audible given the tragedy that struck Japan in March, the Red Bull Music Academy will be held at the Matadero Madrid. A reclaimed slaughterhouse complex that the city and private arts groups are working together at, the site is now an ever-evolving space for artist collaboration and creation. In short, a perfect new home for this year's academy. 

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Here are the details straight from RBMA in Germany:

The Red Bull Music Academy – to be held from October 23 to November 25, 2011 – will lay the foundations for the music at Matadero Madrid. Through our collaboration with the City Council’s Department of the Arts, it is ensured that the Academy space will live on as a cultural hub – and that the music won’t stop in years to come. This extraordinary opportunity will also allow for a new level of set-up and design at the studios built for the Academy 2011.

Matadero Madrid aims to foster an integral approach to culture and to become a vibrant laboratory for the development of new cross-disciplinary projects in performing and visual arts, design, music, dance, architecture, urban planning, landscape design, fashion, literature, cinema, and thought.

While we are happy to announce that we have found an exceptional location for this year’s edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, we would also like to emphasize again how difficult the decision was not to hold the Academy main event in Japan.

Setting up the Academy is a year-long process of establishing links with local artists and cultural institutions, creating a dedicated local team of about 100 people, securing international lecturers, dealing with authorities regarding permissions, booking nights in conjunction with local promoters, as well as building studios and refurbishing a building as an inspirational space.

Although the kick off date is set for October, our work on the Tokyo edition started back in April 2010, and the most crucial phase for all of the above is now. When the terrible events of March 11 struck in North East Japan, we had to make a timely decision about a potential relocation, and it quickly became apparent that going forward with these plans in Tokyo right now would not be possible. Furthermore we received a lot of cancellations from people who had already applied. The very same goes for artists who were requested to lecture and perform in Tokyo. These are the people who make the event what it is, and we had to respect their current concerns.

Our involvement in and contribution to the musical landscape in Japan will not stop. To the contrary, we will build on the strong networks and close ties that have evolved throughout the process of preparing the Academy. We will continue to host workshops, gigs, RBMA Radio sessions and festival stages as we did at SónarSound Tokyo, as well as setting up international showcases for Japanese culture: in Madrid and beyond.

Here is some additional info, just in case there is still any uncertainty about the Academy or the application process:

Info and FAQs

Red Bull Music Academy Madrid 2011
Workshop 1: October 23 – November 4, 2011
Workshop 2: November 13 – November 25, 2011

Application period extended – New deadline: April 26 (date of postmark)

Will the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 be postponed? No, the dates of the actual event will remain as previously announced. It's just the application period that has been extended by three weeks.

So, by when do I need to hand in my application? All applications must be sent, i.e. postmarked April 26, 2011, or earlier. Please note that, despite the postponement, there is no need to send your application on the last day.

Will there be any changes to the selection process? No, the procedure of picking our participants, as well as the rules and regulations for applying to the Academy will remain exactly the same. The only difference is that, due to local laws, the minimum age is now 18, i.e. all applicants have to be born October 23, 1993, or earlier.

Should I still reply to the Japan-related questions (44-48) in the application form, despite the fact that the Academy is now going to happen in Madrid? Yes, the whole questionnaire needs to be filled in. We want every single applicant to face the same conditions and have the same fair chance to get in.

When will successful applicants be notified? All applicants will be notified via email by July 15, whether they were successful or not.

Any more questions regarding the application and selection process? Please don't hesitate to send an email anytime:



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