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It Only Gets Better campaign

As someone who makes listening to, playing out and evaluating remixes a part of their daily life, I've always viewed the ad world's use of the term skeptically. At the same time, given my relation to that world, I can't deny the potency of the idea. Clichéd? Possibly. Effective? Probably. And in the right execution, like the one here, it's also entertaining.

It's been a few weeks now, but I saw New York hipster dance duo the Knocks perform before Ellie Goulding here in Chicago. They killed it—read the full report here: Live Review | Ellie Goulding at Lincoln Hall—they can remix, mash and update for the dance floor with the best of them. And no style is spared from the pair's deft hands: hip-hop, soul, indie, you name it. In the Dialogue Inc world, that scores them a lot of points. Add to that their inclusion in this latest Corona ad campaign and we officially have a savvy and dynamic act on our hands.

In this spot, two warring rooftop parties are competing for airspace. A music train wreck ensues. That is, until the two DJs make an on the fly adjustment to bring the two songs together. Mash up! DJs may roll their eyes a bit, but all in all, the spot is pretty damn clever. And both are parties I wouldn't mind playing at (or partying at for that matter). And it definitely fits in with Corona's image as the laidback, 'just go with it' brand. The spot's creators, La Comunidad, scored a winner in this one. 

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Check it out: --- free music after the jump (if you're willing to let go of your e-mail addy)


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