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The Inspired Life campaign

Fashion has always remained a close second to music in our ongoing focus on lifestyle. So when Cole Haan rolled out its latest ad campaign—thus combining it with our third passion, advertising—it was only a matter of time that we'd dedicate some space to it. Especially when the shoes, the ads and the concept are this good looking.

Dubbed The Inspired Life, Cole Haan teamed with ad agency VSA Partners and photographer "The Selby." There's not a whole lot to say about the whole thing, that isn't written all across the work. It's beautiful and the logo redesign that went with it is actually what caught our eye first. The more involved portion of the campaign involves a lookbook that also offers up some bio info on people the company finds inspiring. Designers, photographers, musicians—the Theophilus London ad in the recent New York TIme fashion mag ultimately sealed the deal on this post.

Here's some shots from the campaign:

And of course, the new logo:

See more from the campaign:


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