Yeasayer | I Remember: Valentine's Day Edition

photo by: Jen Maler, courtesy of:

Valentine's Day, the forever polarizing Hallmark holiday, doesn't have to be a mess of dinner reservations and stress over the ups and downs of relationships. We're focusing on the little things today. An inbox with invitations to join promo services from BPitch Control, Get Physical and Honest Jon's was enough to know that the world cares. Then we stumbled across a free remix EP download and video from Yeasayer, one of our ongoing favorite indie acts. We may not have a hot date tonight, but we're still feeling the love.

One of the more romantic songs on their 2010 record Odd Blood, "I Remember" is given two workouts that, while not exactly twisting it for the dance floor, add a bit more of a beat-driven backbone to freshen up the top-notch album cut. Internet-dwelling psychtronic duo Painted Palms churn out a very Balearic rerub (follow the link to download the pair's latest EP from BandCamp), all chugging beats, spacey synths and twinkling guitars. The flip comes from Villa, a new discovery that's actually Fredo and Thang, two artists we've written about in the past, joined by Seba (hit the link to head over to their SoundCloud page). The Belgian space disco trio extend Yeasayer to a hypnotic and slow-burning eight-minute workout, appealing to the stoner in all of us.

Best of all, the whole thing's free. Download here: Yeasayer | Valentines


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