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Listening to Rainbow Arabia's debut album, Boys and Diamonds (Kompakt), my first reaction is that it's the album M.I.A. should have made instead of MAYA. Sure that's not exactly right, but I definitely prefer hearing the ethno-electro of this L.A. husband and wife team to whatever M.I.A. was doing when she wasn't fighting with the press and eating truffle fries.

In a nutshell, Rainbow Arabia's Tiffany Preston sounds like a cross between M.I.A. and Fever Ray,  and her husband Danny seems to be smoking the same thing Radioclit was when it produced The Very Best. The record is a breezy, can't-wait-for-summer listen brimming with high life guitar, echoing drums, '80s synths and that same post-punk-meets-electro that has propelled acts like CSS and New Young Pony Club into the spotlight.

I first heard "Holiday in Congo" on a Kitsuné mix CD and have proceeded to play it every chance I get. Now that the full album is at the office, I listen to it three times a week. Good news for all of you: It comes out officially tomorrow.

To wet the whistle in advance of the album drop, the label has sent us this NGUZUNGUZU remix of "Without You." Extending the drums and giving the track more room to breath on a dance floor, the fellow Los Angelenos ultimately add a more minimal appeal for those hypnotic late nights.

Hear for yourself (and then download of course):


Look for Boys and Diamonds this week on Kompakt, and download older material from Rainbow Arabia on its bandcamp site:
Rainbow Arabia | bandcamp



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