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DJ Mix | Square Frames "Mix Tape Vol 1"

It's not often enough that we get to show homegrown Chicago love, but this is the perfect opportunity. Square Frames—a.k.a. Mr. Automatic and Onefiftyone—is a Windy City production duo dedicated to vintage dance sounds. They're both close associates of Dialogue Inc and we mightily respect what they're doing as a duo and with Automatic's new label D2M (Dead to Me). 

Gearheads of the highest order—which we at Dialogue Inc are not—Square Frames describes themselves best:

Square Frames was born out of a love for traditional music production and sound recording. Stocking up on Joe Meek Compressors, Neumann Microphones, analog synthesizers, and a host of outboard gear, they built a small studio in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village with the intent of the producing tracks that sound like the dusty vinyl they have been digging out of record crates from New York to Detroit for years.

To get the buzz booming for a string of upcoming releases and remixes, the pair has just dropped their debut joint mix tape, the first in a series it seems. Again, we'll let the boys break it down:

Mix Tape Vol. 1 is an old school late night radio mix inspired journey through the our favorite tracks, current playlist, unreleased re-edits, new material, and remixes of the band. This mix precedes our first official single release that features remixes by Echonine, Mr. Automatic, Circa Tapes (Adam Killing of Kill Memory Crash), and more. This mixtape is a glimpse into what Square Frames has in store for the future.

And so, without further ado, the mix:

Square frames- mix tape vol. 1 by Square Frames

Here's a big remix for local indie dance trio Hey Champ that they did (andyou can also download):

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Square Frames Remix) by Square Frames


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