The Allure | Super Bowl Highlights

The Allure | Super Bowl Edition

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Since the web has spent the last 48 hours completely exhausting every talking point possible about the 2011 Super Bowl commercial offerings, I'll keep my commentary brief. I applaud Groupon for taking a cheeky risk even though it did more harm than good. I also have to give it up to Mini for making me laugh the hardest. "Cram it in the boot"? There's no way the boardroom that approved that didn't realize the sexual innuendo at play. Especially when they whipped out that six-foot sub. Like every year, I could have lived entirely without Pepsi and Doritos' contributions. One day that company is going to rule the world and force us all to eat bean and cheese burritos stuffed with Fritos. I hope I'm dead by then.

Anyway, on to the positive side of things. Car companies dominated, that's to be expected, and they did a damn good job. My old faithful Stella made a proper appearance as well. All in all, here are my faves:

5) Hyundai "Hypnotize" 

This one's got legs. And the Dude.

4) Audi "Release the Hounds"

Hats off to the imagination on this one. "Escape the confines of old luxury. Luxury has progressed." Well put indeed.

3) Stella Artois "Crying Jean"

Stella's ads always look the best. Aesthetic win of the Super Bowl.

2) Volkswagen "The Force"

The wink from dad seals the deal. Not even the hardest of hearts resisted an "aww" at that one.

1) Motorola "Empower the People"

I love the ballsiness with which Motorola takes on Apple. Challenging one of the most iconic ads of all time and succeeding in standing on their own is impressive. By no means does this spot trump Apple's "1984," but the dialogue it creates is one of the things that I love about advertising. And the emotional connection it illustrates is undeniable. Everybody wants to be an individual.

Full list of Super Bowl 2011 commercials



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