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Even more music has stacked up since we launched this weekly (ish) column, so without further ado, here are some new tunes—this time focusing on the breaksy, psych and rock side of things. (Ok, so we get the feeling drugs were involved in everything we're posting here...) — Joshua P. Ferguson

Bosco Delrey "Evil Lives" (Ad-Rock remix) - Mad Decent
When Diplo is in the picture, you never know what to expect. But you can generally anticipate some hyper, third world bass music something or other. Not with Delrey. Here's what Diplo has to say about him: ""[Bosco is] a sort of garbage can Elvis from New Jersey... teaspoon craziness, a pinch of rockabilly, and full cup of soul dressed in a leather jacket. He can't be topped as far as song writing... He's doin’ the music I wish I could if I had bought a guitar." I don't know that I could have put it better, so why try. His unique mix of styles is such that even the Beastie Boys have latched on to him. Here's a free download for an Ad-Rock remix:

Bosco Delrey "Evil Lives" (Ad Rock remix) | 320 mp3

PVT "Church with No Magic" (Midnight Juggernauts remix) - Warp
I must admit, prior to receiving an e-mail about its upcoming tour with Warpaint, I'd never heard of PVT (or Pivot as you may know them). But I love Warp Records and I love spacey rock music, so I knew going in this would be a win-win situation. Sure enough. I also got a good chuckle after learning of PVT's Australian roots; one listen and I was already sizing them up alongside bands like Miami Horror and the Presets (or any other indie-psych-electronic act making waves on Modular). The Midnight Juggernauts give PVT's latest a rerub, and a surprisingly subtle one at that. You almost wouldn't know remix work had been done at all. A real slow burner, it reminds me of DJ Shadow circa The Private Press.

Com Truise "Slow Peels" - Ghostly International
The boys from Ann Arbor continue to flood my inbox with some of the best electronic music in the land, and I love how leftfield some of this stuff is. Case in point: Com Truise, the synth-heavy, beat-laden alter ego of New Jersey's Seth Haley. Drawing reference to new wave greats like Joy Division and New Order, Truise also displays a cosmic bent that might come from a proximity to DFA or a love of Eskimo. If you're a regular on these digi-pages, you know this means it's right up our alley. Couple puffs and two loud speakers and you'll be floating through the cosmos right alongside this guy. His debut EP, "Cyanide Sisters" just got released today. If you like what you hear, go snag the whole thing over at the Ghostly International store.

Kanye West "Power" (Paper Diamond remix) - white
Paper Diamond "From Now Till..." - Pretty Lights Music

Is anyone else starting to feel like that hippie state bordering the Rockies is taking over electronic music?! Everything new and trendy seems to be coming from Colorado, and next to Pretty Lights, this guy Alex B seems to be leading the charge. To kick off 2011, he rechristened himself Paper Diamond and actually teamed up with the afore mentioned Pretty Lights to release his debut on their new label.  Chicago's newest club, the Mid opened its doors just before the New Year and had this dude in for a rough n' ready modern dubstep and glitch-hop set on it's opening night. I had the pleasure of attending and really enjoyed myself. The indie-skate-hippie-raver youth that has latched on to this music and its scene makes me feel like an old man (my 18-year-old brother is a big fan), but the music kicked ass and I had a great time nonetheless. We actually stuck it out for this remix of Kanye, before taking off for the night. Now you can enjoy it too. Paper Diamond's debut EP is also out today, head to Pretty Lights Music for more info. 


Larissa said...

The Ad-Rock spin on Bosco Delrey's "Evil Lives" is my remix of the week:


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