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We get a lot of new music via e-mail these days. The preferred promotional method given the ease with which digital music travels, a ton of promo companies have added us to their mailing lists and we can barely keep up with it all. Our new column, Shuffle, is our attempt to be better about keeping up and, more importantly, sharing these new discoveries with the ether that is the internet (i.e. you). So here goes. 

First up, new music from Holy Ghost! and Yelle, and a great new remix of Hercules and Love Affair done by U.K. edit royalty Leo Zero.

Ladies first:

Yelle "Safari Disco Club" - Downtown Music
There's something about French pop music that's so much sexier than the rest. We can name examples till we're blue in the face, but the focus here is Yelle. Yes, technically Yelle is more than one person, but inevitably the focus falls to Julie Budet, the energetic and forever youthful frontwoman. Here we see the saccharine electro pop that propelled her to fame in 2007 getting a more complex undertone. There's a bit more tension underlying the production on "Safari Disco Club" than what we're used to, and we like it.

  Safari Disco Club by YELLE

Holy Ghost! "Do It Again" - DFA
They may not be LCD Soundsystem, but ever since the release of "Hold On," Holy Ghost! have been doing a fine job of churning out disco-inflected dance nuggets that are much more than Ableton studio productions. These guys love them some analog, and their sound benefits immensely because of it. "Do It Again," the lead single from their forthcoming album—due out April 5—is a slo-mo chugger with a hint of Prince, layers of keys and a duet of robotic child laughter and trumpet blasts. That'll make more sense once you hear it.

download here:

Hercules and Love Affair "My House" Leo Zero remix - white
Here it is straight from Leo's mouth: "I got straight onto the good people at Moshi Moshi when I heard Hercules and Love Affair had teamed up with them for the new album, and managed to blag the parts for this track 'My House' All I got was an acapella of the original - so I've done my thing with it in a 90's stylee - with a big nod to UK top boys and personal house heroes Farley and Heller. Let me know if you are digging it and hopefully it will get a release. SHOW SOME LOVE! thanks Leo. x" 

With a soulful house banger like this, it's not hard to show the love. Enjoy!

Hercules and Love Affair "My House" Leo Zero remix | WAV 


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