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Sweden's Yukimi Nagano is a singer I've followed for some time. Since I discovered her in my college radio days when she was gigging with nujazz duo Koop, I've loved her floating, high pitched lilting. So it's exciting that her and her band Little Dragon have received such critical acclaim. Check our interview with her here: Dialgoue Inc | LIttle Dragon. Fresh off a tour with the Gorillaz and De La Soul, the four-piece played the closing night of the Tomorrow Never Knows festival in Chicago. I had the luxury of serving as the opening DJ. It was an amazing show and I even got to meet Dave (a.k.a. Trugoy a.k.a. Plug 2) of De La Soul. He was just chillin' in the DJ booth. I introduced him to Aloe Blacc. It was cool.

Anyway, istening to new songs from the band, I commented on twitter that Little Dragons more recent material had a very jammy, deep house spirit to it, one that we could credit to a lot of drugs. Funny then, that I run across a new video for  "My Step," a song from 2009's Machine Dream. A handcrafted puppet show, the video shows an overworked travel agent discover the wonders of a witch doctor's brew (DMT or Ayahuasca comes to mind). He gains a different out look on life after that. 

— Joshua P. Ferguson

A cool little view, catch it here:

And catch pictures from the show at Time Out Chicago.


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