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Brushing up on Leo Elstob's history, I realize that I've barely scratched the surface of this man's career. And I fear I'm not alone. Except for the always reliable Resident Advisor, few sites get below the tip of the ice berg when discussing all that Mr. Zero has done. Archivist, designer, cosmic rocker, DJ to some of the U.K.'s biggest tastemakers, Leo Zero is one of those rare heads that's done it all. He helped make one of the great modern psych rock records, A Mountain of One's Collected Works. In the '90s he founded Soulsonic, a club Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen frequented. He's boys with Bill Brewster, Stuart Patterson and Pete Tong. And lately, some of the best remixes around come courtesy of his keen ear and kind hands.

It was during the Florence and the Machine craze that started last year that we were turned on to Leo. His remix of "Rabbit Heart" is still a regular feature in Dialogue Inc sets—it was even one of our tracks of 2009: Dialogue Inc Year in Review 2009—and later remixes have joined Florence in our hotbox. Like his Bowie remix:

David Bowie 'Moonage Daydream' (LEO ZERO Remix 1) by Leo Zero

Or his reggae-fied remix of Empire of the Sun:

  LEO ZERO - Jammin' On A Dream by theinsound

The latest addition to Leo Zero's resume is his Disconnect mix, the first in a new series by Strut Records that is exploring the deeper, darker, odder, and in Zero's case, very British side of his collection. This one's all about the strange choices you love, think are going to kill a dance floor, play anyway, and find out it pays off in dividends. Leo's mix includes afro-reggae, afro-disco, Brit rock, obscure boogie, two-tone ska-punk selections and a few other oddballs. Here are links to some of his choices:

The Countach "My Oasis" (Dance Club Version) (mediafire link)

and here's a mini-mix to give you a better idea of the sounds therein:

  Leo Zero- Disconnect Mini-Mix by Strut

Not one to shy away from the promotional effort Strut (via !k7) has teamed with another bastion of art and promotional expertise, Ninja Tune, specifically London VJ Mox. Mixing classic U.K. imagery from the '70s and '80s with images of Leo Zero's design work and various other vintage music imagery, the below video serves as a visual accompaniment to Leo's mix:



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