The Allure: Chanel | Vanessa Paradis

The Allure | Vanessa Paradis

Chanel + Nouvelle Vague

by Joshua P. Ferguson

Over the course of the last few months, the billboard ad closest to my office has been dominated by Chanel. Pushing forward with a few new campaigns, fragrances and lipstick, Chanel has been switching up the content at a regular clup. The latest roll out features a beauty who, until now, I assumed was just another model working the high-end fashion circuit. Then last week, Nouvelle Vague's new album, Couleurs Sur Paris, came out. It features the usual, dizzying array of vocalists so I started digging into what these hypnotizing chanteuses might be doing with their professional lives when not in the studio with Nouvelle Vague. And who did I stumble upon? The model staring back at me from the Chanel ad I pass daily. Turns out she's far from a one note fashion model. 

Vanessa Paradis has been a singer since she was 14 (and she's been acting longer than that). She's also Johnny Depp's long-term girlfriend, has recorded an album with Serge Gainsbourg and has been the face of a Chanel product not once, but twice, the second beginning this summer. Looking like a cross between Heather Graham and Kate Moss she's exotic but approachable, and when she smiles she's got the très chic gap in her teeth, similar to the one that's kept Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia working so much lately. 

Below are some of her ads (one old, one new):

And, doing a very Nouvelle Vague-ish impression in the official commercial for Rouge Coco:

Vanessa Paradis Chanel Rouge Coco from Costume Benjamin on Vimeo.

And here's the audio of her song with Nouvelle Vague, "Week-end à Rome:"


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