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Given UNKLE's pedigree, a lot of time and space could probably be dedicated to outlining the entity, its various members, its contribtuion to electronic music, etc etc. Suffice it to say that UNKLE and the Mo' Wax label played a large part in electronic music and it's ability to cross pollinate with other genres. As far as single acts go, few have the scope and vision of central member James Lavelle. And while UNKLE's profile is no longer what it was at the height of trip-hop, DJ Shadow and the like, its artistic value is as priceless as ever.

Its latest album, Where Did Night Fall, marks a new chapter in evolution of the forever permutating band. With it, Lavelle also llaunched Surrender All. More than a label, it's a creative house of sorts for Lavelle and his cohorts to humor multifaceted endeavors that include art, design, music, fashion, travel and "interests." The release of Where Did Night Fall (which we reviewed for its release earlier this year: UNKLE | Where Did Night Fall) was a high concept one, if nothing else. It included the elaborate "Follow Me Down" video, behind the scenes footage and interviews, and, most recently, a short film entitled Saviours & Angels by British director Paul Andre Williams that acts as a three-part music video for the songs "Caged Bird," "The Runaway" and "Another Night Out."

A twisted visual treat, Saviours & Angels follows a Romanian couple as they attempt to reunite in London and settle down. Beyond that the rest is up for interpretation. There's no shortage of violence, ooze, undulating bodies, tits, tempers and last but not least, a baby with a multi foot-long neck and the head of a toddler. It's definitely NSFW and totally worth the 17 minute run time.

Also worth its run time is the new UNKLE EP, "The Runaway" which includes a refix of the original song with new verses from Chicago's own Lupe Fiasco, sounding at the top of his game. Also worth checking are the new remixes of the record's first single, done by one-time UNKLE member and DFA founder Tim Goldsworthy and Golden Filter.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Take advantage and download the Lupe mix here:

And after all this talk of demented video, the movie:


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