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In the grand scheme of things, the lifespan of DJs (in the club sense of the term) and club culture in general is a short one. What this means for us dance music obsessives is that the founding fathers of the art form are often still around to bestow us with their sage-like wisdom. New York club icon Danny Krivit is a pristine example of this. Not only is the man alive and kicking, he's got a history that rivals many of the biggest names on the scene—be it Francois K, Frankie Knuckles or Afrika Bambaataa—and he's still playing out, remixing and re-editing.

It's that last charge, that of his skill as the King of the Edit, that has us talking him up. The man's been at the DJ game so long, he probably has a record collection that commands its own home (believe it or not, this is not uncommon). This guys got such a deep disco, fuck and soul collection that he's got source material for an endless array of dancefloor edits, something Mr. K is particularly fond of churning out. His latest collection, Edits By Mr. K Volume 2: Music of the Earth drops on Strut Records next week. With residencies that spanned Roxy, Area and the Body & Soul parties, he's been looping, cutting up and extending tracks for the disco since the mid '70s. This latest collection plots the course of funk, latin and soul as the genres adapted to become disco. It includes big names like Patrice Rushen and sought after rarities like Black Blood's "Chicano" all given that signature rerub from Mr. K himself.

His edit of the Fatback Band's "Spanish Hustle" has graciously been offered up to get all you disco lovers out there in the groove. download the track here:

Also among the goodies Strut has passed along, there's this 10min interview where the legend himself breaks down how he got his start and developed his art:


Not quite the legend that Danny Krivit is, but newcomers who are making bigger and bigger waves by the day, French Nudisco duo Acid Washed reminded us today that they have a new record coming out on Air's Record Makers label (which we wrote a bit more about earlier this month with the release of Kavinsky's new single). Following the trend in space disco that has been championed by DFA, Eskimo and the like, Acid Washed take the New York and Scandanivian-dominated sound and give it a great twist by adding bits of Chicago house, Detroit tech and, of course, French electro. Acid Washed's self-titled LP is out next week as well (in the U.K. and Europe anyway) but you can get a taste of it now with this remix MP3 of the title track and new video of the original (which is f****ing dope, by the way):

Acid Washed "Acid Washed" (Danger remix) | (320 mp3)

Acid Washed - Acid Washed from Record Makers on Vimeo.



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