Mux Mool | Wax Rose Saturday EP + MP3

I remember my burgeoning DJ days, scouring the local record shop and discovering Ghostly International for the first time with its Pac Man ghost, wide-eyed little boy and pink bird mascots. It was probably the packaging more than anyone one name that drew me in. None of us knew of the phenomenon Matt Dear would become yet, but the first 12" I bought was "Dog Days," so I guess I was well on my way to discovering all that Dear had in store.

Fast forward more than a decade—which makes me feel mighty old as I sit here typing—and Ghostly has grown into much more than a Michigan techno label. It's become one of the U.S.'s best independent dance labels, putting out everything from house to techno to folk to folktronic. Minnesota's Mux Mool a.k.a. Brian Lindgren finds himself somewhere in the midst of this swirling confection of disparate genres; a sound tinkerer with a penchant for synthesizers, Star Trek and sampling. So I guess we should include Dilla and Donuts to that list (even though neither allow me to continue my "s" alliteration—"d" will have to do.) On his label's site he explains his name thusly: "'Mux is short for 'multiplexing,' which is the streaming of many types of information through one channel," he explains. "Chac-Mool is an ancient Meso-American statue of a reclining man." A technologically complex breed of synthesis and a timeless piece of indigenous art. Sounds about right.'" I'm not really sure what all that means, but it sounds cool and somehow does encompass what his frantically beat-heavy bedroom concoctions sound like.

If you want to find out more for yourself, he's actually playing a show at Kinetic Playground here in Chicago tonight. Or, because I got an e-mail from the label with a bunch of free download MP3's, you can check a few of the remixes from his recently released Wax Rose Saturday EP. Alex B of hippie-electronic act keeps the glitch-hop feel in tact, while Daso gives things a housier bounce. Both are good for repeat listens.

— Joshua P. Ferguson

And, for shits and giggles, we have this fan-made youtube video of the original track, a cut n' paste tapestry of Brue Lee-fueled fight scenes, sequenced perfectly on beat:


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