Dialogue Inc | Radio Show #20 | July – August

Dialogue Incorporated | July – August

Dialogue Incorporated radio #20

Compiled and mixed by Mister Joshua

Special Californication (of life) rockish mix this month.

Letter from the Editor


Solstice \ säl-stes \ n

- Either of two times when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator: about June 21, when the sun reaches its northernmost point on the celestial sphere (summer solstice).

- A furthest or culminating point; a turning point.

Dog Days \ a-prõ-pre-at \ n

- The hot period between early July and early September; a period of inactivity.

Posted up at the Northern most main stage at Lollapalooza early last month, temperatures soared as high as they have all summer. With the heat index crossing into the nineties, myself, along with a handful of friends slowly soaked through our ironic t-shirts—mine, a Pump n’ Munch shirt from Pine City Minnesota—as Yeasayer did its damnedest to maintain sanity and remember song lyrics as a relentless sun beat down upon them. We all collectively sweltered, but no one seemed to care. It was the thick of the dog days of summer, music was playing throughout Chicago’s Grant Park and the weekend shaped up to be one that will be difficult to forget.

To those that have never spent a summer in our fair, Midwestern Windy City, it’s a special experience. The same time last year I was running around Herdfordshire in the Great British north at a music festival called Big Chill. I had such a mind blowing time so far from home that I thought it would surely become a yearly ritual, my own annual blighty holiday. The situation being what it was, my ritual ended after a paltry single year. Not much of a tradition at all I’m afraid. I’m not losing any sleep over the matter though. My staycation proved to be every bit as fulfilling as any exotic travels I might have done.

Sparing you any sort of lengthy travel diary of my exploits these past three months, I much prefer to simply highlight a few (ok, more than a just a few) of the season’s finest moments and attempt to pair them with songs from our latest Dialogue Incorporated podcast So with that, let the highlighting, music and conversation begin…

Who says you can’t rock a staycation (highlights of summer, set to music… mostly):

- Kicking off three months of outdoor festivals with my maiden voyage to DEMF. (See Dialogue Inc #19 for a decidedly more electronic affair)

- Deejaying the side room for the Juan MacLean show and having him say “you just played my two favorite tracks at the moment,” and “damn this is the room to be in tonight.” He played in the other room.

- Traversing a packed crowd at Millennium Park to sip wine, smoke weed and lounge to the sweet indie folk of She & Him.

- Eating a private gourmet brunch from X-Marx in an art gallery with some of my favorite dining companions. (What the hell, see “Home” for purely sappy reasons)

- Seeing WhoMadeWho get random sorority girls dancing like crazy at the most intimate Schuba’s Tavern. (See “the Plot”)

- Hearing Class Actress, the Rapture and Caribou in a three-day span. (See “Careful What You Say”)

- Shooting the shit about M.I.A.’s dismal PR campaign. (See “It Takes Muscle”)

- Sweating it out with too many Heineken Lights while hearing Robyn, Broken Social Scene, Panda Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Best Coast, Beach House, St. Vincent, Major Lazer and Big Boi perform live at the Pitchfork Festival. I believe, in that order. (See “Dancing On My Own” and “Boyfriend”)

- Having a car sing-a-long to “I Can Change” by LCD Soundsystem that had the people in the lane next to us laughing.

- Ringing in thirty years on this earth at Lollapalooza. Highlights, in no particular order: Caspa, Rusko, Dragonette, Cut Copy, the xx, Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, Erykah Badu, the Big Pink, Phoenix, Jimmy Cliff and the Temper Trap. (See “Where I’m Going” and “Da Cali Anthem” for starters)

Other Lolla highlights: hippies climbing trees while a swelling crowd of onlookers sang along at the top of their lungs to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. (See “Home”)

Jumping up and down with about 30,000+ other fans while Arcade Fire ran through “Rebellion (Lies),” “Keep the Car Running” and the weekend’s grand finale “Wake Up.” (See “The Suburbs”)

- Closing out the summer festival season with a blistering outdoor live set from the Chemical Brothers.

- Shaving my beard down to a moustache, putting on an aloha shirt and my Gilligan hat (well Hunter S. Thompson really) and drinking free drinks on a yacht with, well, yacht rock playing in the background.

And that, my friends, means Labor Day’s come and gone. Bring it on fall.

— Joshua P. Ferguson

Profile | Neon Hitch

“Neon HItch is an ex nomad, a rising popstar following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. She's also shacked up with Amy Winehouse, has a penchant for mashing up then covering songs and her grandfather was the last man to live in a cave in Nottingham, Great Britain. All this could makes her the most interesting would-be pop star 90% of the planet has never heard of.”—Joshua P. Ferguson on Neon Hitch

Article | Robyn

“I spent ten years in the industry trying to figure out how to make pop music my own way. I definitely got to a point where I didn’t feel like it was worth it anymore. It’s nice that things are swinging back my way, and that what I’m doing doesn’t feel so weird anymore. Now people are looking for pop artists that are trying to do something different.”—Robyn

Live Review | Cut Copy at Lollapalooza

“Booking it from Rusko’s set at the Perry’s stage to Cut Copy’s set further north, I came up on the quant ampi-theater-like PS3 stage only to be stopped in my tracks by a sea of heads, diligently bopping up and down to Cut Copy’s rhythmic Australian take on electro and disco. Tonight, it was these guys, more so than any other, that convinced me of dance music’s viability—with the right rock-ish twist, it’s undeniably infectious, and the shakedown that broke out across the crowd was a brilliant reassurance of this.”—Joshua P. Ferguson on Cut Copy's live performance at Lollapalooza

Article | WhoMadeWho

“The whole idea was that we could stand in the middle of a club and just jam and improvise instrumental music, reacting to the crowd with our music and communicating like a DJ.”— Jeppe Kjellberg, WhoMadeWho

Track Review | Mystery Jets
“Its upbeat dance-rock feel sits right at home with other recent indie gems like Two Door Cinema Club's "Something Good Can Work" and Yeasayer's "ONE." Though the reference points in their musical style are many, the Mystery Jets make it inspired and they make it their own, it's one of the more exciting sounds bubbling up currently.”—Joshua P. Ferguson on the Mystery Jets “Dreaming of Another World”

Profile | The Drums

“It oozes with the rhythm & blues rock of a bygone era, but the sparkling synths are totally today. If you're one to rock saddle shoes, tortoise shell glasses, gingham shirts or selvage denim, this song needs to be part of your personal soundtrack.”—Joshua P. Ferguson of the Drums

Article | Rusko

“There was no one over here that was like: Right, America, this is dubstep, this is what it’s about, and I’m the man to give it to ya.”—Rusko

Article | M.I.A.

“Saying all these charged things, people are going to tune out. If she comes up with something worth saying at some point, once she realizes that’s what she has to do, no one’s going to believe her.”—Joshua P. Ferguson on M.I.A.

Interview | Hood Internet

“We were hearing tracks by Sammy Bananas and Them Jeans and we were like, dude, we were doing this years ago. Why don’t we pick it back up, and instead of having our friends rap, we’ll mix it with some shit that people want to listen to? Without our history in music, we would have already passed our blip-on-the-radar moment with this.”—Steve Reidell (a.k.a. STV SLV of Hood Internet)

Singles review | Mark Ronson

“We’ve missed English super-produer Mark Ronson since 2007’s Version. Thankfully, he’s back with this hip-hop stomper that sees him teamed with singing gearhead MNDR and Q-Tip, in a triumphant return to his A Tribe Called Quest quality days.”—Joshua P. Ferguson on Mark Ronson’s “Bang BangBang”

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Dialogue Incorporated #20

Hosted by Mister Joshua P. Ferguson


The Morning Benders “Excuses” – Rough Trade

School of Seven Bells “Windstorm” – Full Time Hobby

Class Actress “Careful What You Say” – Terrible Records

ceo “Everything is Gonna Be Alright” – Sincerely Yours

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes “Home” – Vagrant

Arcade Fire “The Suburbs” – Merge

Best Coast “Boyfriend” – Mexican Summer

Neon Hitch “What Starry Eyes Know” (Two Door Cinema Club vs Ellie Goulding) – CD-R

Robyn “Dancing On My Own” – Konichiwa

Bodega Girls “We Are Losers” – Fenway Records

Cut Copy “Where I’m Going” – Modular

Two Door Cinema Club “Come Back Home” – Kitsuné

Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks” – CD-R

WhoMadeWho “The Plot” – Gomma

Mystery Jets “Dreaming of Another World” – Rough Trade

Foals “This Orient” – Warner Music

The Drums “Forever and Ever Amen” – Downtown

Kanye West “Power” – Roc-A-Fella

Rusko “Da Cali Anthem” – CD-R

M.I.A. “It Takes Muscle” – Interscope

Nite Jewel “Another Horizon” – Gloriette

Broken Bells “The High Road” – Columbia

The Hood Internet “(This Shit Was) All I Know” (Drake vs Free Energy) – CD-R

Mark Ronson & the Business Intl “Bang Bang Bang” – Columbia



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