Video Review(s): Magnetic Man + Katy B | I Need Air + Katy On A Mission

Probably our closest musical confidante—with whom we rarely don't see eye to eye—London town's Roy Shay recently travelled to the Great British highlands in search of the Big Chill. Amidst "raving teens screaming their tits off" he unearthed this little nugget from dubstep powerhouse trio Magnetic Man, a.k.a. Croydon's Skream, Benga and Artwork. A threesome of the genre's pioneers armed with youth, testosterone and a penchant for ravey sub-bass mayhem, we know this project is destined for big things. If "I Need Air" is any indicator—or its cover story in NME, for that matter— it's poised for MASSIVE things.

Check it out for yourself (or seek the song out here):

In the midst of our non-stop mania over this song today, we were hipped to this new song from U.K. vocalist Katy B. All of a sudden we have two formidable dubstep anthems on our hands. Sounding like a British Keri Hilson mixed with a touch of Lily Allen, Ms. B is backed up here by production from the afore mentioned Benga, and the result, one of the most pop-worthy dubstep tunes we've heard—yes, we just said this a few weeks back about Rusko's "Hold On" and we meant it then too—could legitimately spell out mainstream dubstep appeal in the U.S.

Check it out out for yourself (or seek the song out here):


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