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Clearly just another excuse to post a picture of a beautiful young lady

Lollapalooza Preview: Neon Hitch

This one comes with a big nod to my TOC coworker Brent DiCrescenzo, who hipped us to the beautiful young lady. Neon HItch is an ex nomad, a rising popstar following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha and is playing Lollapalooza this weekend. She's also shacked up with Amy Winehouse, has a penchant for mashing up then covering songs and her grandfather was the last man to live in a cave in Nottingham, Great Britain. All this could make her the most interesting would-be pop star 90% of the planet has never heard of.

If you don't believe us, get the full skinny in this interview that Brent did with her, as part of Time Out Chicago's Lollapalooza coverage:

As an added bonus, we've even been given the green light to share a song with you. If you've seen our creative director Joshua P. Ferguson deejay in the last three months, then you've heard Two Door Cinema Club (he's in love with "Something Good Can Work" and we think many others around Chicago are now too thanks to him). The Irish indie band's song, "What You Know" is half the inspiration for Neon Hitch's "What Starry Eyes Need To Know," the other half being Ellie Goulding's "Starry Eyes." Both songs get mad play around the Dialogue Inc offices and hearing them here, reinterpreted together, is one of the coolest things we've heard today.

Hear for yourself: Neon Hitch | What Starry Eyes Need To Know (mp3)


In other news... Have you heard this band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes? Neither had we until someone requested it at a DJ gig a few weeks back. Since then, we haven't stopped listening to "home." They're easily the biggest countrified hippie band we've ever been into. And they're playing Lollapalooza too. Hot damn.

This site Right Raw that we unearthed serves as a great "resource" for getting more familiar with Edward Sharpe's music:

We have a massive Lollapalooza weekend on our hands, so the blog might be kinda quiet. See you on the flipside.

—Joshua P. Ferguson



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