Clothing Preview | Women's Fashion Fall 2010

Fall Fashion 2010 | Coming Round the Curve
by Joshua P. Ferguson

There are many reasons to look forward to changes in season, but one that rules the Dialogue Inc. offices is the eager anticipation of the fashion previews for the New York Times Style Magazine. The wait ended this weekend with the arrival of the Fall Women's edition. In it, the stand-out trend that dominated more than any camel hair jacket or little-heeled pump, is a move back towards fashion for women with real curves. And they did it without a single reference to Mad Men (that I could find anyway).

Here are two shots from Marc Jacob's fall collection for Louis Vuitton:

I don't know where my vintage tastes come from, but if women's fashion remained perpetually in the '50s and '60s, all skirts, flower prints, plaids, cardigans, wools and flare, fine by me.

I've always appreciated fashion, even before I quite realized that that's what it was. From an early age I was concerned with how I was going to express myself through my wardrobe, and over the years that grew to an appreciation of wardrobes on the whole; a general sartorial appreciation of how people express themselves before they've even opened their mouth. In that sense, I've always been more Kate Spade than Kate Moss, preferring style that reflected a genuine girl, perhaps even a girl next door (which is not to say that I'm not drawn to the Femme Fatale as well). It just needs to seem believable, nay wearable, none of this waifish, rail thin stuff. So as Marc Jacobs (see above), Prada and the like paraded cleavage, thighs and legs, and the New York Times summed summed the whole thing up, I have finally found my personal tastes align with the tastemakers in Italy, New York and Paris.

Speaking of Paris, one of the more interesting shoots from the mag was a spread with Vixen français Laetitia Casta. I specifically remember being 16—or thereabout—and getting my latest issue of Rolling Stone, only to find Casta on the cover with nothing but her birthday suit and a pool of pink rose pedals. I think that was the day I learned the true meaning of "sex symbol." So beginning my sunday morning with a spread of her channelling a previous era's sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot, to promote the upcoming biopic Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Heroique was a blast from the past (in a personal and historical sense) hearkening back to those formative years when I probably solidified my admiration of curves over slenderness. Check her spread here: Laetitia Cast | Retrofitted

And because I don't want to leave you with nothing but a bunch of pictures of buxom babes, head here for a little Serge Gainsbourg + Brigitte Bardot listen: Bonnie & Clyde


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