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Roll Call

These Chicago bloggers are in a class all their own.

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine | 07.29.10

We get it—music lovers are opinionated. Many think their views are so spot-on, they broadcast them to the world via a blog. The truth is blogging requires more than just taste, it takes dedication. Too often, would-be bloggers throw up a review or a free mp3, and next thing you know, months have gone by without one word or a second of audio to entice readers into visiting regularly. But these three bloggers go well beyond just opinions. They have a knack for trend spotting, a way with words and unparalleled dedication. Even while they juggle day jobs and other responsibilities, their sites offer daily news bytes, reviews, party announcements and plenty of music, and it keeps their readers coming back for more.

Name: Steve Mizek


Founded: 2005

Mizek, who spends his days as an advertising analyst at Market Access International, approaches Little White Earbuds with the same eye for detail he displays during business hours. He started modestly, offering up thoughts on whatever he was digging at the time. Now the site sees contributions from more than 20 writers and publishes multiple posts daily. The Little White Earbuds team features at least seven album or singles reviews a week and boasts a weekly podcast from an electronic artist or DJ. While Mizek describes Earbuds’ focus as “everything from disco to dubstep,” it does have a heavy techno slant. The site has actually become so robust as a blog, it almost sells it short to call it such. “I try to look at it from the perspective of a website and less as a guy posting when he feels like it,” Mizek says. His model has a lot in common with popular electronic music e-zine Resident Advisor, and if Mizek keeps up the good work, RA is going to have some heavy competition on its hands.

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Linda said...

love to read this nice blog

Jack said...

Electronic music is top trending type of music these days.I love all the DJ who mix all the music and create interesting things. Marsh mellow, Shrill ix and cold mind are best dj's I know.Thanks for sharing


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