Video Review: Holy Ghost | I Know, I Hear

With anticipation heating up for its forthcoming album on DFA, Holy Ghost just released a new video for "I Know, I Hear," which was released a few months back on a teaser EP. The Dialogue Inc office is still partial to "Say My Name," which we featured on our last podcast, but this song is yet another affirmation that Holy Ghost is moving beyond the confines of being a studio only project, and maturing into a full fledged live band.

Following in the footsteps of their wise, old labelmate, James Murphy, and ex-labelmate Tim Goldsworthy, Nicholas Millhiser and Alex Frankel have a healthy obsession with analog instruments and a fondness for obscure disco. Once filtered through the two of them, we're treated to delectable slices of pristinely produced indie dance jams. And some, like "Hold On," seem destined to remain staples in DJs digi-crates for years to come.

The video is modest, adopting an old school television motif and the help of Caroline Polachek, who's been busy lately, collaborating with Flosstradamus and Washed Out in addition to her work with her band Chairlift.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Check the video:



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