Article: Hood Internet | Mature Mash-Ups

Mature mash-ups

Hood Internet has turned remixing into a full time job.

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine | 06.03.10

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In the early Aughties, while still attending college in Madison, Wisconsin, I worked with a guy named Steve Reidell at the college radio station there. On the side, he was emulating Master P in the most tongue-in-cheek way possible. He was gathering his—no doubt sometimes stoned—buddies to sample their favorite rock records, create a rap beat with the samples, and then, well, rap over it. The sessions were then packaged in the most outlandish No Limit-looking covers they could create (Reidell is a whiz with Adobe design). Now, with production partner Aaron Brinx, he is Hood Internet, a full-fledged touring act that’s performed at Lollapalooza and South by Southwest, and it continues to churn out mash-ups weekly, each earning a frenzy of praise from the blogosphere.

Though Brink, 30, works in higher education in Charlotte, North Carolina, Reidell, 31, has remained in Chicago, quitting his day job as Metro’s in house designer last year to focus on Hood Internet. It’s paying off: These guys snare new fans by the hour. They’ve also moved into original productions, with a new 7" featuring Kid Static due out this summer on Whistler Records (yes, from the same Whistler you’ve been drinking at all these nights). We caught up with Reidell recently to discuss how far he's come and how much further he plans on going.

You’ve had a lot of success recently, but your fondness for mash-ups dates back to your University of Wisconsin-Madison days. 
All of my friends were in bands. We would cook up beats and do stuff that was pretty similar to what the Hood Internet does now, sampling and constructing music beds from songs we like. We would take the shit we were playing or listening to and chop it up. Aaron was doing the same thing in Ann Arbor.

Are you surprised it’s grown into the career it has since then? 
We had never intended to be live DJs. When we started, Aaron and I didn’t have a ton else going on other than working and hanging. We were hearing tracks by Sammy Bananas and Them Jeans and we were like, dude, we were doing this years ago. Why don’t we pick it back up, and instead of having our friends rap, we’ll mix it with some shit that people want to listen to? Without our history in music, we would have already passed our blip-on-the-radar moment with this.

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Just over a year ago, Hood Internet did an exclusive DJ mix for us, you can hear that here: Hood Intrnet DJ mix for Dialogue Incorporated

Here's a recent fave of theirs to check out (or download):

The Hood Internet - (This Shit Was) All I Know [Drake x Free Energy] by hoodinternet



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