Video Review: Florence & the Machine | Dog Days Are Over + remix mp3

Florence and the Machine's brilliant debut Lungs has been out for more than a year now, but it took those of us here Stateside some time to catch on to how great of an artist she is. Florence is a refreshing individual artist, making pop music that doesn't feel the need to adhere to any of the formulas dominating mainstream music. These days, when artists like Lady Gaga go to great lengths to capture people's attention but can't back it up with music of any real substance, stars like Florence and her wonderful music making machine are that much more necessary.

She recently performed a sold out show here in Chicago at the House of Blues. I reviewed the show for Time Out, complete with photo gallery. Check it out.

And, since this video isn't exactly new, here's a great new summery balearic remix of her song "Cosmic Love," by Short Club. Check it out below or head over to RCRD_LBL to listen/download.

— Joshua P. Ferguson


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