Video Review: Benga | Baltimore Clap

Benga, Croydon's foremost purveyor of perverse bass music (alongside buddy and labelmate Skream, of course) readily admits to the clip with which he churns out tracks. In an interview I did with him last year for Red Bull Music Academy he basically told me that before he got famous all he did was make beats and "wank." So there it is. Thus behold the latest fruit of his non-wank time, "Baltimore Clap," the debut single for his upcoming full length on Tempa. The song itself I'll need to hear on it's own before I pass full judgement, but right now it's the video that makes it: regenerative black humanoids, a factory that is run by long-armed white devils—the master of which fancies being ass-slapped by black hands—and lots of blood. I will not speculate on the racial implications here; forum members go to town.

(As of this week, my main musical cohort here in Chicago, Scotty Brandon, has launched a new blog called Taste Not Waste. Our goal is to outline all the best and all the worst in an ongoing effort to raise the level of cultural awareness. Futile? Possibly. Snobby? A bit. Fun? Fuck yeah. So haters, get over yourselves and lovers, join us at the new blog. (I'll also be mirroring most of my posts here if you don't want to.))

Myself and Benga during his last visit to Chicago



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