Preview: Aeroplane | We Can't Fly

This one, unfortunately, is a very bittersweet post. Aeroplane, the Belgian duo whose remixes of Phoenix, Grace Jones and Sebastian Tellier have been a staple part of my sets for the past two years, is, at long last, on the eve of releasing its first full length album for Eskimo and Wall of Sound. The LP is due out at the start of the fall and Eskimo started the promo push today with this teaser for the forthcoming single, "We Can't Fly."

A great little slab of slo-mo reggae disco, the track's title may also be a portent of the bad news made public last week at (and numerous other electronic music sites/blogs). Stephen Fasano, one half of the no-longer-so-high-flying duo, announced that he is leaving the partnership to pursue his own musical path, leaving Vito DeLuca as the lone pilot of the ship. It's sad because their music has done so much to bring the disco-dance world closer to the mainstream. As a DJ that frequents mainstream venues, it's a breath of fresh air to be able to drop an Aeroplane remix of MGMT or even one of their own cuts, like "Whispers," and see the dance floor go off.

Forever the optimist, I'm going to attempt to look at this situation in a glass-is-half-full manner and hope that really what this means is that we now have two fantastic Aeroplanes out there, which could mean twice the amount of amazing music. Like Kruder & Dorfmeister in the early aughties, it could be fun listening for all of us, hearing where each of them go as they continue to carve up the cosmic boogie scene.

—Joshua P. Ferguson

Aeroplane - We Can't Fly (preview) by eskimorecordings


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