DJ Mix | Diskjokke "Ultimate Beach Mix"

It's not that I don't get tired of saying it. It's that it continually manages to prove its truthfulness in new ways. What am I speaking of? The disproportionate amount of quality music that's coming out of a small and remote place so far away from my home base in Chicago. Namely, Norway. With one week until Oslo's second guard "universal boogie"—a term coined by Prins Thomas in his recent interview (also see my interview with Prins Thomas @ Dialogue Inc)—pioneer, Diskjokke, releases his second album for Smalltown Supersound, he's dropped this tasty little slo-mo balearic beach mix to wet our collective musical whistles. It runs—nay, saunters—from midtempo cosmic jams to proggy rock to ambient chill out; a perfect teaser for his album. Stay tuned for a full review of En Fin Tid in the days to come.

F.Y.I. this half-hour mix is über-chill, so be sure to either have that bowl packed or press play during the sunrise or sunset hours (I'm finding it's a perfect dusk soundtrack).

— Joshua P. Ferguson

Beach mix short 2010 by up front artists



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