Article: Glimpse | Body Movin'

Body Movin’

Glimpse keeps things physical on his debut LP.

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine | 04.29.10

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The abundance of digital production software such as Apple’s GarageBand has unleashed a tidal wave of aspiring electronic musicians who can convert their bedrooms into virtual studios. Making electronic music used to be relegated to the most die-hard of gear heads who spent countless hours and dollars obsessing over records and mastering pricey machinery. But these analog-equipment-collecting knob twiddlers haven’t gone the way of the dinosaurs, either.

Twenty-nine-year-old producer Glimpse, a.k.a. Christopher Spero, just can’t reconcile himself to making music with a mouse. “When you operate an analog setup, you’re using your hands every time you make a sound,” Spero says from his home in London. “You’re moving your body to move the sliders and the knobs. That imprints your signature in the sound more than automating something in Logic or Cubase or Ableton.” As he names a roll call of the studio software used by most producers today, it’s clear Spero is having none of it. “The purity comes from narrowing the goals between your thought and your expression,” the spectacled producer continues. “For me, that comes from working live and on the fly.” As a result, Spero’s productions exude a warmth that’s hard to capture with even the best software.

Like many of techno’s early adopters, Spero came of age with an insatiable appetite for Detroit and Chicago sounds. He points to an encounter with a local techno legend as a defining moment in his development as an artist. “Jeff Mills was just a star for me,” he says. “I bumped into him in a record shop in London one evening before he played a loft. I gave him one of my records, and he played it that night. It was a eureka moment for me. It gave me the confidence that maybe I could take this a step further.”

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