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A Wee Spring Music Round-up

New music from the Bottin & Rodion, the Juan MacLean and Scuba.

By Joshua P. Ferguson

We don’t normally get to do MP3 downloads on Dialogue Inc. Google’s recent and systematic shut down of thousands of Blogger accounts for hosting MP3 content has us fearing the man. This is interesting for two reasons:

1) Google upholds itself as being not “the man,” yet here we are… Afraid.

2) We’re typing this into a Blogger blog hosted by Google. If it doesn’t raise attention in some office in Silicon Valley, it’s surely raising an eyebrow over here at the office.

Regardless, we’re going to plow ahead with this post. Why? Because a few of our well-placed friends have given us permission to post a few of these links. The other links will direct you to a place where downloading is approved. Either way, take advantage and snatch these tunes up, as they’re each magnificent.


Not only is Bottin someone that Dialogue Inc has been watching closely over the past 15 months, but our good friends SR-71 and Scotty Brandon of the Chicago Workgroup have faithfully championed this Venice-based producer for a minute now. We were lucky enough to have forward thinking local promoter Scott Cramer bring him to Chicago for one of his Stardust nights last year and if we have anything to say about it (especially after hearing his latest 12”) we’ll get him back to the Windy City tout suite.

“Galli (Give It Up)” leads the charge on this collabo release from Bottin and fellow countryman Rodion for Belgium’s Eskimo Records. Bottin’s style culls influences ranging from Italian movie scores, disco, Italo and his own brand of “horror disco” as he calls it. While there is a touch of spookiness here, it really serves to create a little depth to the track, which is otherwise a bright slab of midtempo nudisco-Italo.

“Piazza Venezia” is an ode to Bottin’s hometown of Venice. A musical recreation of the scene he overlooks from his studio window, it bounces lightly, conveying the hustle and bustle of a crowded afternoon on the Piazza.

Download: “Galli (Give It Up)”


Only the Juan MacLean would use such words to describe the process of putting together the latest installment of !K7’s venerated DJ-Kicks series. But, the man’s not just working for the hell of it, so he puts serious thought into each of the endeavors he takes on.

So, while he explains in the liner notes for his DJ-Kicks mix that he spent the first six months of the project wondering why he’s even bothering to make a DJ mix, when anyone with Ableton and a few spare hours can do the same, he ultimately concluded that—since he was being paid to do so—he should just grin, bear it and pump out something that truly represents him.

We’re very glad this was the conclusion he came to. Spanning highlights from the DFA catalog (Shit Robot and Still Going), bits of Detroit goodness (Rick Wilhite), deep disco (6th Borough Project) and a hearty nod to Chicago house (Armando), he’s crafted yet another stellar addition to the long running mix-CD series.

To help promote the mix, !K7 has let go of this exclusive single from Juan, featuring Nancy Wang and the sorely missed drumming of Jerry Fuchs (R.I.P.). Another stunner that skirts the line between disco and house, click below to enjoy “Feel So Good.”

Download: “Feel So Good” (via !K7)


I don’t know about you guys over there in the U.K. and Europe, but talking dubstep amongst our peers here in the Midwest is always cause for friction. But if you follow all the dubstep chatter here on Dialogue Inc. then you already know that what dubstep is and can be is wholly separate from most people’s impression of it. So, rather than go on some lengthy diatribe, I’m going to let this single from Scuba’s new record Triangulation do the rest of the talking…

Download: “So You Think You’re Special” (via RCRD_LBL)


William Bottin said...

thanks for the support!
I'm actually looking for a gig in Chicago on April 23rd or 30th
both are fridays. Can you help?

contact at bottin dot it


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