Article: Ron Trent | Sunday Love

Whole lotta love

Ron Trent’s passion for classic dance cuts livens up Sundays.

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine | 02.11.10

TOC | Ron Trent

Most Sundays, we’re lucky to make it out of our PJs, let alone to a party. But veteran DJ Ron Trent’s new event at the Shrine, Love Hangover, has us gunning for an early Saturday night so we can spend our Sunday afternoon cutting it up to his mix of classic house and underground disco.

The gruff-voiced, 36-year-old record slinger has been synonymous with the Chicago scene since he started deejaying high-school parties in ’87. At 19, Trent released “Altered States,” still one of house and techno’s most lauded anthems, solidifying his place in the dance-music lexicon. Now he brings his 20-plus years of nightclub experience to South Side dance venue the Shrine as its new musical director. His first order of business: Love Hangover, his monthly party where the needle drops Sundays at 3pm and the records spin for a solid six hours. The party’s first edition happened on Valentine’s Day and continues every second Sunday.

“The Shrine can be a breeding ground, a garden, if you will, for some very enriching things,” Trent says. Yet he admits he has a challenge in programming the music there. “It’s obviously been deemed an urban club,” he says. “And nowadays, when I think of urban, man, it doesn’t ring real nice in my ears.”

Despite a weekend-warrior crowd inclined to want the latest Auto-Tuned rap singles, Trent remains resolute in his desire to push boundaries at the Shrine. “Chicago went from being a hub of culture in the Midwest to falling into the status quo,” he says. To cultivate the Shrine’s “garden,” Trent plans an expansive music program that will give the warriors the mainstream vibe they crave while still offering outlets for the city’s more discerning club-going public.

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