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Four Tet recently contributed a DJ mix to Pete Tong’s Essential Mix radio show on BBC 1. Across its 26 tracks, Kieran Hebden—as Four Tet is known to friends and family—floated from up-and-coming dubstep producers Joy Orbison and Floating Points to Weather Report and back without so much as batting an eyelash. A seemingly disparate collection of songs, it maintains a beautiful—if somewhat abstract—cohesiveness throughout.

The same can be said of Hebden’s new album. Drawing from his usual schizophrenic mix of folk, jazz, hip-hop and electronica, There Is Love In You is meticulously constructed from a cacophony of sounds that, in their dissonance are, none-the-less, subtly pleasing to the ears. This is a formula that Hebden has prided himself in since his early days in the post-rock band Fridge and he’s found no reason to deviate. In fact, if forced to classify Hebden’s music, it could be called post-electronic.

On lead single, “Love Cry” a yearning soul sample is set on repeat while dusty jazz drums pulse as if prodded on by Burial doing his best house impression; the track bubbles with a slow burning intensity that would make Carl Craig smile. “Sing” builds around an army of 8-bit video game samples bouncing in unison to swinging drums and airy vocals that add more texture than they do meaning. Again and again, we’d be tempted to ostracize his choice of source materials for their foreignness if they didn’t sound so good in harmony with one another. But, there in lies Hebden’s genius. He’s not trying to adhere to some sort of formula when making his records; he’s simply exercising his love of sound. And he’s clearly poured a lot of that into his latest.

— Joshua P. Ferguson

Here's a link to download Four Tet's Essential Mix: Essential


  1. Four Tet — Angel Echoes

  2. Floating Points — Vacuum

  3. Robert Owens — Bring Down The Walls

  4. STL — Jungle Sometimes

  5. Oni Ayhun — Oar003 

  6. Weather Report — Non-Stop Home

  7. DJ Sprinkles — Grand Central Pt1 (Mcde Bassline Dub)

  8. Four Tet — Sing

  9. Benge — 1981 Yamaha Cs70m 

  10. Joy Orbison — So Derobe

  11. Melchior Productions — Different Place 

  12. Dem 2 — Luv’s Hard New York

  13. Seelenluft — Manila (Manitoba Remix) 

  14. William Onyeabor — When The Going Is Smooth And Good 

  15. Pryda — Muranyi 

  16. Moodymann — Det.Riot

  17. Zomby — Digital Fauna 

  18. Joyce — Aldela De Ogum 

  19. Joe Goddard — Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix)

  20. Cassy — Soul Saviour

  21. One Little Plane — Lotus Flower (Avus She’s Singing Mix) 

  22. Hard House Banton — Reign Spoilt

  23. Four Tet — Sing (Floating Points Remix) 

  24. Troy Pierce — Oxytocin 

  25. Laurie Spiegel — Patchwork

  26. Eluvium — The Motion M


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