Dialogue Inc | Radio Show #17 | February

Dialogue Incorporated | February

Dialogue Incorporated Radio #17

Compiled, mixed and hosted by Mister Joshua

Special guest mix from DJ Popstatic


Letter from the Editor


by Joshua P. Ferguson

The first months of the year are always notorious for lacking in good new music, but that hasn't stopped a flood of boundary pushing new tunes from sloshing around in our itunes. Not all are new and not all were discovered by our own devices; after all, that's what friends are for. In particular, our guest DJ this month, Popstatic—who contributes a brilliant and appropriately winterized mix—introduced us to a few of the tracks featured, from Pilooski's understated disco treatment of Jarvis Cocker to the epic dubstep stylings of Lung.

The midtempo acid workout of Oslo's Diskjokke leads the charge of our February edition. A contemporary of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, he walks the same path of brilliant left-field dance gold without following so closely in their footsteps as to seem a needless rehash. With Pitchfork calling his productions "music for the nighttime that retains the warmth of an afternoon on the beach," this dude is one to watch.

Versatile also makes a noteworthy contribution to the opening minutes of the mix with "Falling," I:Cube's latest solo work for the label. Stomping yet dreamy, it's got all that cosmic disco goodness without seeming wimpy.

Simian Mobile Disco is back yet again. Considering the heights in popularity that it reached with its first album, SMD really captured our attention with the latest batch of singles. "Cruel Intentions" with vocals from Gossip's Beth Ditto didn't initially impress, but Maurice Fulton's recent remix proves that anything he touches can turn to gold.

Aeroplane makes a return appearance this month as well (no surprises there). It's slow burning treatment of Das Pop's "Fool for Love" was just what we needed to keep us excited about this fast rising Belgian duo. Then we received confirmation that Aeroplane will be joining us for the Chicago Workgroup's April edition of All Systems Go! at Chicago dance music institution Smart Bar. Not bad if we do say so ourselves. Check our profile on its music director, Nate Manic, here: Brain Trust.

Further proof that the electronic world is stepping up its first quarter game is Real Life is No Cool, the latest album from future disco king Lindstrøm. Infinitely more accessible than his solo debut last year, Lindstrøm teams with vocalist Christabelle to show off his poppier side and the results couldn't be better. Check our full review here: Viva Italo!

The indie world hasn't been quiet either. While My Tiger My Timing's "I Am the Sound" appeared on last year's Kitsune Vol 8 compilation, this cut has yet to be deleted from office heavy rotation. Sugary without being over sweet, the London-based quintet's unpretentious indie-dance vibe maintains a redemptive melancholy, giving it a more authentic air; there's nothing manufactured here. If the fact that My Tiger My Timing's name comes from an Arthur Russell song isn't proof enough, the fact that it's forthcoming album is produced by New Young Pony Club's Andy Spence clearly shows that the band is coming from a place where indie and dance music are quite comfortable with each other.

It would seem, then, that Hot Chip comes from this same sonic land because "Hand Me Down Your Love," with it's '60s rock drumming, folk crooning, orchestral strings, electro bass and house thump, was born out of more than a mere casual relationship between rock and electronic. Hot Chip has worked at this marriage with such precision that we hope they remain a happy couple for years to come.

From here we dive further into the deep. An act that helped win us over to this techier side of things is young gun NYC house duo the Martinez Brothers. We had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with the older of the two, Steven, and his enthusiasm for the music was the most refreshing thing we've encountered in ages. The only thing more refreshing was actually seeing them deejay, a rare thing here in Chicago because many promoters are afraid to book them because of their age. Read all about it here: Youth Movement.

In anticipation of our big Chicago Workgroup event this week: All Systems Go with Holy Ghost! at Smart Bar, we were also sure to include something from them and found this cheeky but surprisingly pleasing-on-the-ears rework of Van She's cover of "Don't Fear the Reaper." We never saw Blue Oyster Cult making it into the Dialogue playlists, but it just goes to show, if it's done well, nothing can be counted out. Read our interview with HG!'s Nicholas Millhiser here: Scene the Light.

With that the gears shift to the dubstep realm, namely Joy Orbison's rolling remix of the new Four Tet single, "Love Cry." Check out our thoughts on Four Tet's full album, There is Love in You, here: Show Me Love. We also mentioned Lung before, but this brilliant debut 12" from a rather unknown musical mind has our heads spinning. The commanding atmospherics maintain all the in-your-face presence of many of dubstep's biggest floor-burners, but somehow it still has the lo-fi moodiness of an artist like Burial. We'll be keeping a close eye on his future endeavors.

Last, but not least, we couldn't let the show slip by without featuring a few of our brightest indie gems of the moment. Manchester's Delphic—despite an unnecessarily pretentious review from Pitchfork—has been a runaway favorite. Channelling all of Manchester's rich electronic history into a completely new (yet undeniably current) sound, we predict big things to come from them in terms of popularity. Also in the mix is a cool mash-up we found featuring La Roux's "I'm Not Your Toy." Elly Jackson was in Chicago last week, her debut performance here, and we were able to speak with her about her thoughts on pop stardom and Lady Gaga. Read all about that here: Killin' Them Softly.

On one last note: We love the forthcoming Yeasayer album, and particular the mix's closing track, "Ambling Alp." Nuff said.


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Courtesy of www.popstatic.com we have a few words from one of Chicago's leading DJs and a close personal friend of Dialogue Inc, DJ Popstatic, who compiled and mixed a perfect soundtrack to the frigid wintery days that we're struggling through here in the Windy City:

It's a new year and with it, at least around these parts, comes the freezing rush of winter. With that in mind, I've drawn up a new DJ mix made specifically for the occasion.

It's a head-y and contemplative mix full of some very moody and dramatic moments. I wanted it to represent not only where I am going musically (as evidenced by the inclusion of my original "Nightswim" track), but also to just be a totally unpretentious sequence of songs; a sequence of songs that allows the music to shine and simplifies the transitions so as not to detract from the power of the music itself. About half of the tracks are properly mixed in time and the other half are mixed using a more free-form sort of style, blending synth patches and washes of sound rather than locked grooves. To put it short, this listening experience is not in any way meant to show off my abilities as a DJ; it's meant to be a seamless and thoughtful listen from start to finish... Almost as if the DJs presence isn't even recognizable.

There are vocals at the beginning, around the halfway mark and at the end and although it's mostly instrumental, I think there's a very strong and cohesive, melodic and emotional thread throughout... The spirit of the thing remains consistent. Additionally, every track was painstakingly selected in order to work for its respective moment within the context of the entire thing and hopefully that translates to you, beloved listener that you are.


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Dialogue Incorporated #17

Hosted by Mister Joshua P. Ferguson

Special guest mix from Popstatic


Hour 1:

Diskjokke “Rosenrd” – Moshi Moshi

Jarvis Cocker “You’re in My Eyes (Discosong)” (Pilooski mix) – Rough Trade

I:Cube “Falling” – Versatile

Simian Mobile Disco “Cruel Intentions” (Maurice Fulton remix) – Wichita

Das Pop “Fool for Love” (Aeroplane remix) – Prestel

Lindstrom & Chirstabelle “Looking for What” – Smalltown Supersound

My Tiger My Timing “I Am the Sound” – Kitsune

Hot Chip “Hand Me Down Your Love” – Parlophone

Annie “My Love is Better” (Emperor Machine remix) – Smalltown Supersound

Tokyo Black Star “Caballero” – Innervision

Argy + the Martinez Brothers “Debbie Downer” – Objektive

Van She “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (Holy Ghost! remix) – CD-R

Four Tet “Love Cry” (Joy Orbison remix) – Domino

Lung “Afterlife” – Kokeshi

Guido “Beautiful Complication” – Punch drunk

Hour 2:

Delphic “Counterpoint” – Chimeric

La Roux vs Delphic “I’m Not Your Counterpoint)” (Reborn Identity mix) – CD-R

Yeasayer “Ambling Alp” – Secretly Canadian

Popstatic Winter Mix:

Popstatic 'Nightswim' - Unreleased

Damian Lazarus 'Moment' - Get Physical Music

Murcof 'Memoria' - Leaf

Burial + Four Tet 'Moth' - Text Records

F.U.S.E 'Nightdrive' - Plus 8 Records Ltd.

Pantha Du Prince 'Saturn Strobe' - Dial Records

Lulu Rouge 'Bless You' - Music For Dreams

Joris Delacroix 'Calin Cale' (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - WOH Lab

Mymy 'Fast Freeze' - Cocoon Recordings

Petter 'Some Polyphony' - Border Community

Extrawelt 'Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese' (Max Cooper's Melt Remix) - Traum

Charlie May 'Midnight' - emFire

Sylvain Chauveau 'Fly Like A Horse' - Kompakt

Sigur Ros 'Samskeyti' - MCA Records


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