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Dialogue Incorporated Radio #15

Compiled, mixed and hosted by Mister Joshua


Letter from the Editor: Everything is Everything

I had a dream about Dustin Hoffman last night. More and more these days, to describe my philosophy on my profession—and Dialogue Inc specifically—I use him to help communicate our mission. Well, not him so much as his character, Bernard Jaffe, in the movie I Heart Huckabees. There’s a great scene where Jaffe, an existential detective, uses a blanket to explain that everything is connected: While there are distinct points that can be singled out across the blanket, each is part of a greater whole that—for the sake of the argument—goes on infinitely.

A heady philosophy, sure, but it works wonders to help explain our reach. Dialogue Inc’s core disciplines have a fantastic interconnectedness. While the gap between radio shows has grown, our content hasn’t slowed one bit. We’ve been writing a lot. A lot. So we’ve got tons of great content to string into this fall edition of the radio show. (Note: hyperlink’s on artists lead to articles we’ve done on each of them.)

Beyond Dialogue Inc, we’re witnessing this “universal interconnectivity” in music. Recently, we had great, in depth conversations with BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs and Gernot from Modeselektor about the potency of dubstep in and of itself, but also how it’s influencing techno and hip-hop. We used the first part of this show to help illustrate this.

We lifted Gemmy’s “Rainbow Road” from Hobbs’ latest compilation, Wild Angels. A showcase of the future potential of the dubstep sound, we’d like the whole of the U.S. to take note. Going out to dubstep nights here in the Midwest, we can sense it heading down the same dark, dreadfully homogenous path of drum ‘n’ bass and, well, that would just be unfortunate. To pigeonhole what’s proven to be a positively versatile genre into nothing more than chunky breaks and wonky basslines would just be a shame.

That said, we feature a few of the varied vibes producers are toying with currently: the bright feel of “Hygh Mngo” by Joy Orbison, the understated and ethereal “Router” from Pangaea (we first peeped this on Ramadanman’s recent contribution to the Dubstep Allstars series), the tastefully wonky “Oh Gosh” by Kalbata (out now on our good friend Nadav’s Botanika label), and even the futuro-hip-hop of Hudson Mohawke.

There’s no denying that dubstep—and U.K. bass culture in general—is making its mark on popular music. By way of example we’ve included a recent remix of Major Lazer’s “Pon Di Floor” (Modeselektor included the original on its Body Language mix for Get Physical). As even more prominent examples of electronic music’s infiltration into pop culture here stateside we looked to the latest from Outkast’s Big Boi, whose collabo with George Clinton and Too $hort sounds like it could have been produced by HudMo. Say what you will about Chris Brown, Lil Wayne or Swizz Beats, but one listen to Brown’s new single “I Can Transform Ya” and you can’t help but wonder where these dudes were drawing their influence from. And I’m not referring to Optimus Prime.

Beyond dubstep, examples of musical cross-pollination abound on our latest mix. Die hard hip-hop head Andrew Mayer, a.k.a. Mayer Hawethorne, shows us that his Motown soul sounds as good next to Jay-Z as it does next to Stevie Wonder or Smokey Robinson. Little Dragon’s post-modern mix of indie and electronics has us dealing with some Bladerunner style man vs. machine implications, let alone the fact that its intermingling of musical disciplines is seamless. The same goes for technoist Lusine, who does downtempo to a tee; Cousin Cole, who takes Kanye on an acid trip; and Matt & Kim, who bring De La Soul into the hipster world.

From here our mix plays out in traditional Dialogue fashion. Indie, dance, indie-dance, nudisco, house and techno swirl for a more upbeat second hour. Upping the temp, Fever Ray—who astounded us away with her live last month—gets an electo twist from Rex the Dog. Delorean’s “Seasun,” an amazing Balearic dance number that never fails to bring people to the booth in wonder when we play it out, came to us courtesy of our close musical associate Popstatic and we’re forever grateful. Germany’s foremost purveyors of tasteful house, Henrik Schwarz and Dixon, turn heads with their leftfield world-meets-classical-meets-techno goodness. Chicago rising star Kid Sister shows off her house cred with her latest single, lifted from her album which, at long last, is finally out this week. Last but not least, Burial transcends the usual confines of dubstep with his atmospheric treasure “Fostercare,” which bring things full circle. Everything is everything after all.

With that, let the conversation begin.

— Joshua P. Ferguson


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1st Hour

Fink “Sort of Revolution” (The Cinematic Orchestra remix) – Ninja Tune
Joy Orbison “Hyph Mngo” – Hot Flush
Gemmy “Rainbow Road” – Planet Mu
Pangaea “Router” – Hessle Audio
Kalbata “Oh Gosh” – Botanika Music
Major Lazer “Pon Di Floor” (Spinstyles remix) – CD-R
Hudson Mohawke “FUSE” – Warp
Michael Jackson “Maria (You Were the Only One)” (Emele Haynie remix) – Motown
Big Boi “For Yo Sorrows” feat George Clinton – LaFace
Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” feat Lil Wayne – Jive
Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind” – Roc-A-Fella
Mayer Hawthorne “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (El Camino remix) – Stones Throw
Hot Toddy “I Need Love” feat Ron Basejam – Eskimo
Little Dragon “Feathers” – Peacefrog
Lusine “Gravity” – Ghostly International
Bibio “S”Vive” – Warp
Kanye West “Champion” (Cousin Cole Acid Dub) – CD-R
Matt & Kim “Daylight” Remix feat De La Soul – Green Label
Passion Pit “Sleepyhead” (The Knocks remix) – CD-R
Rocha “Hands of Love (Fingers of Sand) – International Feel
Noah & the Whale “Blue Skies” (Yacht remix) – Mercury
Club Silencio “Felix” – This is Not an Exit
Fever Ray “Triangle Walks” (Rex the Dog remix) – Rabid
Marina & the Diamonds “I am Not a Robot” (Starsmith’s 34 Carat remix) – CD-R
Lauren Flax “You’ve Changed” feat Sia – DJs Are Not Rockstars

2nd Hour

Delorean “Seasun” – Fool House
Nite Jewel “Want You Back” – Italians Do It Better
AFMB “Here & There” – Compost
Sheharzad “Yalla Yalla” (Henrik Schwarz remix) – Fine Art
The Machine “Fuse” (Dixon remix) – Innervisions
Voodeux “Just a Spoonful” - Mothership
Claude VonStroke “Vocal Chords” – Dirty Bird
Retro/grade “Moda” – Retrograde
Flithy Dukes “This Rhythm” (Fred Falke remix) – Kill’em All
Kid Sister “Right Hand Hi” – Downtown
Memory Tapes “Bicycle” – Kitsune
The XX “Heart Skipped a Beat” – Young Turks
Burial “Fostercare” - Hyperdub


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