Album Review: Dixon | Temporary Secretary

Originally Published in Time Out Chicago: TOC | Dixon




house \haus \ n + tech•no \tek-nõ\ n

Just when it seemed the entire electronic-music community had given way to the ceaseless onslaught of big-room electro, Berlin-based DJ Dixon swoops in to our rescue. On Temporary Secretary, the latest mix-CD for his deep house and techno label Innervisions, he perfectly captures his understated take on club music, both in track selection and mixing style.

Utilizing parts from each song, Dixon transcends the traditional DJ approach, programming on the fly to create an intricate tapestry of exclusive edits and remixes. From the emotive melancholy of Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart,” here with a decidedly heavier house thump, to an edit that combines recent singles from Jazzanova, Precious System and Daniel Paul, Dixon has crafted 70 minutes of deep bliss. It’s so deep that its subtlety may be lost on certain listeners, the only drawback for those more in tune with a heavy-handed club atmosphere.

— Joshua P. Ferguson


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