Article: Chrissy Murderbot | Let's Push Things Forward

From disco to dubstep, Chrissy Murderbot does it all.
by Joshua P. Ferguson
originally published in Time Out Chicago magazine: 9/3/09

“Here’s a story for you,” says DJ-producer Chrissy “Murderbot” Shively as we settle in at Old Oak Tap’s patio to talk about his new album,Chrissy Murderbot Volume Two. “I was at a record shop in Kansas City the day Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’ came in. The guy running the store puts it on and he’s like, ‘This is going to refashion the way everybody thinks about house music.’” With a chuckle, Shively continues, “And my exact words were, ‘It’s not like this is gonna be on MTV or anything.’”

While the anecdote proves his gross miscalculation about one of Daft Punk’s biggest singles, it also illustrates how Shively—a dance-music obsessive since the age of 11—has always marched to the beat of his own drummer, or drum machine.

The 27-year-old Kansas City native was introduced to rave-music culture by a sister ten years his senior. “It was ’91 or ’92,” Shively recalls. “That was when poppy rave, like Crystal Waters and Utah Saints, was popular. You know, when it really seemed like electronic dance music was going to blow up.” Shively then laughs at his own remark: Those years were, in fact, some of the most popular for dance music stateside.


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