Article: Trus'me | Building Trus'

Global party ambassador, Trus'me, shares his formula for success.
By Joshua P. Ferguson
published in Time Out Chicago magazine 6/18/09

“Imagine being at a party where everyone knows the records and no one’s making requests,” says David “Trus’me” Wolstencroft, outlining the vision for his global party brand and record label, Disco 3000. “Everyone will be completely on the same tip. I haven’t experienced that enough!”

Currently stateside for the New York edition of D3K at the très chic APT club, the industrious 28-year-old Mancunian expounded, via Skype, his philosophy on the future of dance music. “Every DJ is a DJ’s DJ, but not everyone gets the chance to play like that,” he says. “We give the green light to do something different, anything from jazz to boogie to house to hip-hop to reggae…anything you can dance to that’s just good music.”

It may seem a whimsical fancy, letting DJs do whatever they want, but Wolstencroft has put hours of calculated effort into ensuring that, far from a potential free-for-all train wreck of sounds, Disco 3000 is helmed by competent and thoughtful DJs. They just may not be the big names you’re used to seeing. “It’s an old model,” he says. “Like Ministry of Sound, it’s a concept, a style, an image, and it doesn’t matter who’s playing because you know what kind of scene it is and what you’re going there for.”

Old or no, that blueprint has resonated throughout the industry. With satellite parties on three continents, D3K’s efforts culminate this fall with a three-day festival in Petrcane, Croatia. Sponsored by more than 12 labels—including DFA and Versatile—this meeting of minds promises politicking and dancing on land and sea at the beachside locale.


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