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Dialogue Incorporated | April/May Newsletter
Dialogue Incorporated Radio #12

Compiled, mixed and hosted by Mister Joshua
Guest set this month from Chicago's The Hood Internet

Letter from the Editor

By Joshua P. Ferguson

Digital \dij-et-l\adj
Relating to or being a device that can generate, record, process, receive, transmit, or display information that is represented in discrete numerical form.

Tragedy \traj-ed-ë\ n
a dramatic composition, often in verse, dealing with a serious or somber theme,   typically that of a great person destined through a flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or society, to downfall or destruction.

Hindsight, so often referred to as 20/20, is telling me that maybe I was being a bit melodramatic. But at the time it really did seem like a tragedy of Greek proportions. I had lost. It sucked. It started slowly. It got progressively worse. And worse… The worst. Of course I freaked out. I got cold sweats. What did I do wrong? I thought. I scrambled to try and make it better. That made it worse. I told the story of my misfortune to everyone I saw. I thought this would make me feel better. They listened, smirking. My story amused them. But they were sympathetic because they’d been there too. The usual response, “only time will heal the wound”, just didn’t apply. “Take it to the Mac store,” they said.

My hard drive had crashed. Ugh. I felt like a loved one had died, like I’d just broken up with my girlfriend. As much as I wanted to make things right, it was completely out of my hands. The thing is, I spend all my waking hours with this laptop. It’s scary. I get up and most days head straight for it, which isn’t hard because I’ve gone to sleep with it by my side. It’s taken the place of books on my nightstand. And I love to read. Ask anyone who’s lived with me and they’ll tell you that most days they wake up to the sight of me, reclined in the lazy boy, cup of coffee by my side, nose deep into my latest book. But my relationship with the laptop has grown. I use it for work, I use it for school, I use it for Dialogue Inc, I watch Netflix, I catch up on TV in HD, I keep in touch with friends in and out of the city, I write, I DJ. I’m so involved with this computer that books, magazines, and newspapers are like bitter ex-girlfriends who feel they’ve been cast aside for a more attractive, younger versions of themselves. 

All the more reason they should laugh at me when I’m left empty handed and broken hearted I guess. But I didn’t give up without a fight. I’d invested too much time. The Mac store was able to make a transplant, at 5pm on Easter Sunday no less (Apple scores big points for this), and I was able to bring my digitized significant other home. I wasn’t left empty handed after all! Now all I could do was wait and hope that we could be restored to our prior selves. I just want things to be the way they used to be, I thought. And while it’s been a slow recovery with a few hiccups along the way, like when a program I downloaded to help me restore all the contacts via my Blackberry decided to erase my phone contacts as well - I think that’s when I was at my lowest – we’ve officially been reunited.

Thankfully life works a little bit differently for this anthropomorphized computer of mine and a time machine back up from my external hard-drive set us on an amicable path to reconciliation. I guess that’s the thing about my digital tragedy, the wonders of technology protected me from the fates of Oedipus, Hector, and the like. I had just overreacted. Typical.

With that, let the conversation begin.



Constantly striving to strengthen our brand and our content we’re pleased to announce that our Creative Director, Joshua P. Ferguson, has added a new dynamic to the Dialogue fold, he’s joined Time Out Chicago as their Nightlife editor. What this means for Dialogue Inc is that he’ll be able to share all that content with you via our website and links to Time Out, so be on the lookout for added interviews, articles, reviews, and previews. This also means a few things for you guys out there: If you’re an artist releasing new music, a dj or performer here in Chicago, or are planning a tour stop here in the city, you should let us know. Time Out’s listings section is a great source for artist and event news and we’d be happy to include you in that if you send all the right info along.

So that said, our show this month features a lot of elements in tandem with the magazine. Two of our opening tracks are by artists that we recently spoke with for TOC. You can check out our conversations with Simian Mobile Disco, DJ Hell and Philipp or M.A.N.D.Y. here:

We don’t want to let this overshadow the other artists featured on this first portion of the show. We saw Kode9 deejay a few weeks ago and it completely blew our minds, read about it here:

He played “Township Funk” which has been massively over hyped but in Chicago, no one’s playing that shit so it was great to hear it, especially on a Funktion One. We also threw in some bangers from Rye Rye, M.I.A.’s new underling, and Rogue Cat, who gets a serious treatment from Todd Terje. Mellowing it out a touch, we’re also loving past Dialogue guests Hedford & Vachal’s proggy rerub of Monomusique’s “Fog Lights”.

Dialogue Inc has also caught the dubstep bug big time. I know we’ve peppered shows with cuts in the past but its starting to get serious. There’s more Kode9 in the mix, a softer touch to the genre shines on LD’s “Traumatic Times”, and then there’s La Roux and Skream. LDN correspondent Roy Shay turned us on to this one and holy shit is it massive.

Of course you know we can’t let a show go by without letting a few slo-mo discoid nuggets fly. This month we got our hands on upfront copies of Lindstrom & Prins Thomas’ new full-length for Eskimo and a sampler of Zwicker’s upcoming Compost record, so we had to put the needle on both of those..

As promised this month rounds out with a spectacular guest set from Chicago’s very own Hood Internet aka STV SLV and ABX. They really put in the time on this one so we hope you like. We know we do.

Also check out these posts to the blog that we've done since last time:


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Dialogue Incorporated #12
Hosted by Mister Joshua P. Ferguson


1st Hour

Kode 9 “2 Far Gone” – Hyperdub
Simian Mobile Disco “10,000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong” – Wichita
Ben Watt “Guinea Pig” (M.A.N.D.Y. remix) – Buzzin’ Fly
Rye Rye “Bang” – N.E.E.T.
Rogue Cat “Magic Journey” (Todd Terje remix) – Tiny Sticks
Hell “The Angst/The Angst pt 2” – International DJ Gigolo
Monomusique “Fog’s Lights” (Hedford Vachal redux) – Tirk
DJ Mujava “Township Funk” (Mark Pritchard version) – Warp
Blak Ryno “Cry Eye Water” - Not Nice Productions
Vybz Kartel “Dutty Angela” – Not Nice Productions
LD “Traumatic Times” – Hyperdub
Kode9, Benny Ill, The Culprit “Fat Larry’s Skank” (remix) – Tempa
La Roux “In for the Kill” (Skream remix) – Polydor
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas “Note I Love You + 100” – Eskimo
Zwicker “Traumdeuter” – Compost 
Circlesquare “Hey You Guys” (The Juan MacLean remix) - !k7

2nd Hour
(Guest mix from Hood Internet)

Metric - Help I'm Alive
Mr Scruff - Kalimba
Shuttle feat. Cadence Weapon - Rotten Guts
Paul McCartney - Frozen Jap
Kanye West vs Radiohead - Love Locktdown (The Hood Internet mix)
Treasure Fingers vs Futurecop - N.A.S.A. Dancefloor (The Hood Internet mix)
Chamillionaire vs Caribou - Keep It After Hours (The Hood Internet mix)
Realpeople - My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille
The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence (Shazam remix)
Mobb Deep vs Dubbel Dutch - Twisted Decimal (The Hood Internet mix)
Yuksek - I Could Never Be A Dancer
Sparks - Tryouts For the Human Race
Alaska In Winter - Berlin
Nu Jerzey Devil vs Simian Mobile Disco - Different Pins (The Hood Internet mix)
Ice-T - New Jack Hustler
St. Vincent - Marrow
Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter rmx)
T-La Rock vs Prefuse 73 - Breaking Bells/Punish (The Hood Internet mix)
The Human League - The Dignity Of Labour (Part 3)


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